Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I don't care what CAIR says

The other big news from the SCOTUS world is that the court ignored political wrangling and ruled that the president can, in fact, protect the country using such things as a travel ban.  America's number one and most referenced Islamic rights group CAIR joined in the outcry

Here's my thing.  I don't give a flip what CAIR thinks.  When Bernie Sanders launched a stunning assault on Christianity by suggesting a religious litmus test that would disqualify Christians who believe Jesus is necessary for salvation, that was CAIR's chance.  That was their chance to protest Sanders and say they want a nation where all religions are equal and respected.

But as if to lit its slip show too soon, it joined with Sanders and gleefully aided the chorus of Leftist rage against the traditional Christian Faith.  And why not?  Look at religious minorities throughout the Muslim world.   Not just those in the Middle East or in areas impacted by this or that US policy.  If you look only at those, you can do what the Left does and insist it's all America's fault.
Hmmm, there's some trends there, but I'm having a hard time pinpointing ...

But look across the Muslim world.  Look at how religious (and other) minority groups are treated.  At best, they're made sure they know they're not part of the mainstream minority, with occasional harassment and intimidation trickling from on high.  At worst, it's outright oppression, persecution and sometimes violence.  Very few are the societies where this is not the case, and even in those nations, there is a strong Islamic presence trying to undo the tolerance.

A friend from Africa once said, years ago in the early 90s, that those who don't fear Islam don't live in the shadow of Islam.  The Left, whether honestly or not, has convinced itself and our society (including Europe) that the only thing we have to fear is white, Anglo-American, heterosexual, Christian men.  They have taught that the only true evils of the world came out of the Western Christian tradition and its bastard child America.  Likewise, they have also taught that the rest of the world was always a bastion of tolerance, diversity, women's rights, gay rights, religious pluralism and enlightened peace, love and John Lennon songs. 

Therefore, the Left sees Islam as useful allies of a like mind in the quest to destroy the one religious tradition it truly hates.  Whether Islam sees the Left as useful fools, or tools, or whatever, remains to be seen. For now, CAIR made it clear that its preference is an America in which Christian who profess the traditional faith in salvation through Christ should not be at the same political table as others.  And that's while being a sliver minority barely .001% of the population.  Imagine when those numbers increase. Well, you don't have to.  Just look across the oceans.  Only the fact that we've taught Americans to not care about others, including our posterity, could any sane person not be concerned enough to at least rethinking the Leftist narrative.


  1. I am really shocked Mexico is on that graphic. Isn't it supposed to be Catholic? I'm curious how Christians are facing persecution there.

    1. It's the result of the Mexican Revolution. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most violent anti-religious factions arise in the most religious countries, which is why the "Eldest Daughter of the Church" became violently anti-Catholic during the French Revolution and the very Orthodox nation of Russia swept the Communists to power. We may see some of that happening in Ireland right now, by the way. You should look up the Cristero War in particular -- here's a link: https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2012/06/01/the-story-martyrs-and-lessons-of-the-cristero-war/.

    2. Also, remember that government is inherently an exercise of power, and the desires of the powerful do not necessarily align with the desires of the people in general (though the powerful usually try to pretend they do).

  2. I think some places, like China for instance, aren't uniquely persecuting only Christians. Some of it is systemic persecution of anything that gets in its way. Muslims, for instance, don't just target Christians. I think the graph is only focusing on Christians, despite what might be going on with other groups in the same region.


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