Friday, June 1, 2018

Leftist racists attack immigrant from India

Here, and here.

See how easy that is?  D'Souza is from India.  The loathing and disgust for him is palpable in those links.  Obviously it must be because he's from India.  Ergo, racism!

Now, in the real world, I don't know much about Mr. D'Souza. He commented on my own little contribution to the blogsophere some years ago.  Once I believe.  I know he was forced to resign from The King's College, but only because he was replaced by former classmate and all around good Joe Gregory Thornbury.  Other than that?  He seems to have a track record of questionable behavior, even if he may not have deserved what he got.  Ultimately I don't know enough about the details one way or another to make a judgement call.

I just threw out the whole 'racists hate Indian immigrant' to show how easy it is to avoid any substance at all and leap straight to the race card to shut down debate and assassinate character.  So you have a problem with how Colin Kaepernick approached the National Anthem?  Racist!  Obviously you only hate him because he's black!  Don't like President Obama's policies?  Racist!  Obviously you only hate him because he's black!  Don't think Clarence Thomas should be on the Supreme Court?  Good boy.

See how easy that is?  I'm obviously not saying those who are criticizing Trump's decision, or the National Review, or anything else are wrong, much less racist.  I'm pointing out that it's sickeningly annoying to constantly have the charge of racism thrown up whenever you disagree with anyone who is not Anglo-American.  Just stop.  That way people might be more inclined to listen to you when you dare criticize someone who isn't white and not immediately think 'hypocrite!'.

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