Friday, June 8, 2018

In further news from the Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll era

This might come as a shock, but Syphilis and Gonorrhea rates continue to rise in England.  England isn't alone.  It's been making quite the comeback for some time in a variety of countries.

As I've said, there is no limit to the suffering, death and carnage we are willing to endure to continue dangling a world of hedonism and debauchery in front of up and coming generations.  It is, after all, the sizzle of liberalism's steak.  How many would accept some of liberalism's more restrictive and intrusive and judgmental propositions if liberalism tied itself to some puritanical ethic of self restraint and moderation where various lascivious designs are concerned?

So despite decades of flinging condoms by the billions at the problem, we're left with over 36 million dead from AIDS, with thousands still infected every year in America alone.  Of course there have been flat out over 60 million abortions in the United States (over 18 million being African American, contributing the decline numbers in America's black population) since Roe v Wade.

Death from drug abuse is notoriously difficult to gauge.  Just in terms of overdosing, it's fair to estimate that approx. 15000 to 20000, on average, per year have died as a direct result of OD.  There are, no doubt, those who have died in other, less directly related connections to a recreational drug habit.  We won't discuss the massive proportion of violent crimes linked to drugs, since people will insist if we make drugs legal it will all go away.  Suffice to say, addiction and overdoses won't go away.

And then we have the breakdown of the family, the sex-first mentality, the notion that marriage is there to provide me with a good romp in the sack, and if it isn't good, then it's sayonara and I'm off to find someone who can turn me on better.

Yet there just doesn't seem to be a breaking point.  It appears that the progressive movement's promise of unlimited sexual and drug induced ecstasy is not going to be backpedaled, no matter how many tens of millions of lives have to be lost.  We're not even discussing things like the assisted suicide and euthanasia movements that are logical outgrowths of our modern abortion culture which, naturally, is required to sustain our modern sex culture.  We're just dealing with the millions of lives lost as a direct result of our drugs, sex and rock world we've tried so hard to build.

Quite the body count if you think on it.  And yet, at best, the most you hear from Christian quarters is 'please, let's just show mercy and understanding.'  Really?  What other time in history did something lead to the death of people by the tens of millions and we decide the best reaction was 'mercy and understanding' in lieu of anything else?   It appears that actively promoting what has killed millions, and choosing to act as if it's merely a polite disagreement is our prime directive.  As my sons say, we spend so much time trashing people in the past in order to avoid admitting to the deplorable mess we've made of the world today.


  1. "Murmurs of assent were heard everywhere. It wasn't the police's fault, or racism's, or the system's, or capitalism's; it was the failure of sinners to acknowledge any moral authority higher than their personal whim. And in asserting this, the congregation was asserting its own freedom and dignity: poor and despised as its members might be, they were still human enough to decide for themselves between right and wrong. And they offered hope to others, too: for if a man chose to do evil, he could later elect, by an act of will, to do good. No one had to wait until there was perfect justice in the world, or all the circumstances were right, before he himself did good.
    . . .
    Despite its appearance of religious indifference, then, our city has an unexpectedly intense religious life. In an age of relativism, people seek certainty; when violence strikes at random, they seek transcendent meaning; when crime goes unpunished by the secular power, they seek refuge in divine law; when indifference to others reigns, they seek community. Everyone to whom I spoke thought there was some kind of subterranean religious revival in our slums."
    -Theodore Dalrymple

  2. Other news

    1. The list never ceases to grow that documents the ways in which homosexuality is disproportionately dangerous to one's physical health alone. As I said, there is no limit to the millions of lives we're not willing to sacrifice to sustain the progressive movement's promises of hedonism and narcissism.


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