Friday, June 1, 2018

When will Jimmy Kimmel learn?

Kimmel is, of course, a political activist in comedian's garb.  His primary task is to elevate the dogmas and policies of the political Left, while attacking all who fail to conform.  Note that last part there Jimmy.  Conform.

In America's history, there have been few movements more militantly intolerant, judgmental and close minded as the modern Left.  You are either obedient to the Left 100%, or you're 100% the enemy.  That's how the Left keeps everyone, including well meaning liberals who should know better, on the reservation. 

So Mr. Kimmel came out and blasted Roseanne's racist tweet.  Fair enough.  Champagne and caviar and celebrations are in order.   But then he stepped outside the barbed wire fences and suggested compassion is in order.

Compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation, humility, grace? These things are anathema to Identity Politics of the Left.  You hate, you resent, you bear grudges, you condemn, you accuse, you destroy, you do all manner of things, but you never, ever talk of compassion or, worse, forgiveness.  Plenty of Christian leaders, in and out of Protestant traditions, seem to agree, so obviously it's true. Heck, to hear some, you'd think racism or sexism are the sins that even Jesus can't (or won't) forgive.  After all, Roseanne is now A Racist.  Her entire life is forfeit.  Her Tweet is now her  identity.  And we say it without missing a beat: Amen and amen!

But Mr. Kimmel, perhaps leaning on the Golden Rule, decided to throw out a bit of compassion.  No dice Mr. Kimmel.  You are 100% Leftist, or you are 100% the enemy.  Get back to the reservation while you can.  Get back inside the fences.  The guard towers have you spotted, your time is  running out.  Perhaps attack Trump or Conservatives.  That might mitigate the damage.  But whatever you do, don't dig in and insist we need to be compassionate where Identity Politics is concerned. That is merely adding water to the oil.

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