Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Memes can make a person look awfully stupid

Which is why I reference them with great caution, and always make sure they don't do something like this: 

You'll note, Sen. Cotton didn't say we honor Jackie Robinson's major league career just because he was a swell player.  He points out that the reason we honor him is precisely because he broke the color barrier.  He then points out he was, therefore, the first African American MLB player. Right there.  In the post.  He explains what and why and who.  

So what in the hell is Mr. John Brown even talking about?  Oh, I can guess.  I can guess what Mr. John Brown would really like Senator Tom Cotton to say and our schools to teach.  But judgementalism aside, exactly how did Senator Cotton not do what John Brown chastises him for not doing? 

Oh, and the age old lie that Americans never learn about our history is one of the greatest falsehoods of all time. We've been learning that Americans never learn about our real history since I was in elementary school in the 1970s.  And we learned what America's sins were then as much as ever.  By the time my sons were in public school, America's sins was the main focus of almost all lessons about our history.  So once again, the thought that kids today know nothing about racism demonstrates the gargantuan level of mendacity and denial that adhering to leftwing activism demands.

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  1. Everyone lies now and then. Leftists never tell the truth. Their ideology is lie-dependent.--- G. Poulin


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