Wednesday, February 21, 2024

This is a thing to watch

Apparently a couple in Indiana had their son taken away because he insisted he was a girl and they didn't comply.  You know the gist, he wanted to be called a girl and she or a million genders and what have you.  Apparently he was taken away from the parents pending an investigation into allegations of abuse.  Those were cleared.  Nonetheless, the child was still kept from the parents because, well, you can't have parents insisting their biological boy isn't a girl.  This is from on high from our 21st Century experts after all.  

This is what it's about of course.  To divide and tyrannize.  I give it about twenty years.  The complete end of freedom and democratic governance that is.  I will be in my seventies, and my sons - all four of them - well into adulthood and families and whatnot.  Whether it can be stopped at this time, it's hard to say.

I think conservatives fell for the old conservative v. liberal template and that has cost us big time. As my son said from his chats in college, most Young Republicans are so-so on the abortion thing. many aren't terribly religious, most have absolutely no problem with gay marriage, and some were even warming to the whole post-gender thing.  Why? Because they're conservative, that's why. That means they are merely conserving the conservativism of their day that they are familiar with.  

Let's face it, there aren't too many conservatives out there marching in protest or upturning the order to stop this.  Many of the secular variety don't seem to care.  The old Rush Limbaugh approach of calling down hellfire on something like the Gay Rights Movement, then partying with Elton John at your wedding because, well, you're rich, he's rich, and there you go.  That's what these youngsters have seen.  And that's from the resistance.

So those appalled at this had best figure a new way to frame things.  The old 'Right/Left' dichotomy isn't working.  On the Left's side, it has been used to frame everything as 'Team Jesus/Nazi'.   On the Right, it means conserving the latest version of whatever happens to be what enough conservatives embrace or at least shrug their shoulders about.  It's going to take digging into the depths of many generations of madness to get back to the roots of what went wrong if there is any hope in salvaging things. 

Meanwhile, don't be shocked if in five years children declaring themselves aardvarks and taken by the state from their non-affirming parents is a normal as assumptions of rigged sports competitions are today. Because there is one thing that is true as true can be - slippery slope might be a logical fallacy, but it's also a historical fact. 


  1. The state already has more power over parental rights than any of us care to admit. Medical kidnapping is a *thing*, you can be investigated without cause just for an anonymous phone call, arrested for running a shopping cart back to its spot while your kids are in the car, and peons at CPS can pretty much ruin your life if you are poor. I have seen the latter time and time again. It's appalling. If we need to abolish anything it's CPS.

    1. They certainly have skewed things. Given the levels of domestic violence and abuse, compared to stories about good parents having their kids absconded with, it doesn't look like the goal has met the realities.

  2. There's a judge, a lawyer for the social work apparat, and at least one social worker implicated in this travesty, as well as the snitch who sicced the social worker on this hapless couple. Say their names.

    1. I'm curious about the precedent. Not the particulars here. Plus the difficulty in finding any MSM coverage of this. I'd like to think this is just some fluke thing due to the individuals involved. But I didn't find much press coverage of it, so is it happening elsewhere? If not, then this is something that boils down to the individuals. If so, then it's well beyond that. Or perhaps the big news is that something like this is generating no real coverage by the press.


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