Friday, December 30, 2022

How about that!

 Looky here:

That's a composite image I spliced together from the Columbus Dispatch piece.  The Dispatch is sort of the flagship paper for Ohio, right ahead of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Cincinnati Enquirer.  The other bookstore mentioned is one that used to be a teacher's supply store.  It recently overhauled and went with being a children's bookstore.  Not too much competition in product or, quite frankly, in ideology.  If you get my drift. 

This unexpected exposure seems to have helped them since traffic has upticked significantly in the wake of this issue.  They need it, because of the two lost days right before Christmas due to the storm.  That hurt.

On the positive side, they are busy getting the online part of their store up and running.  They already have egiftcards, which brought in a surprising amount of sales (though payback, you don't get the money later unless they decide to purchase more). 

All in all, we've been pleasantly surprised that things have worked out, and the two youngsters have made quite a splash in the community.  Given some reviews and input I've read, they have forged a sort of 'two versus the world' reputation that many admire.  Especially because of times being what they are.  Even now, he received yet another boatload of donated books he needs help unpacking (and that has aided them immensely).  

They'll need the help, because anyone who has worked in retail knows they're heading into the Dead Marshes season of retail sales.  They'll need to pull some big rabbits out of their hat, and of course when the online store is up and going that can only help.  


  1. That's awesome! Congrats!

    1. Thank ye. They still keep impressing us. I think going online will help in the overall scheme of things.

    2. Oh I have no doubt it will. When you're online you can find all sorts of customers not able to walk in the door.

      We got our own online shop started up too.


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