Friday, December 16, 2022

Humor clever and stupid

For more unintentional hilarity, consider this:

Yeah.  Liars and cheaters make bad opponents.  When you literally call someone a Nazi for doing what so many you support proudly and openly did themselves, all hope for rational discourse and good will is officially lost.  


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    1. Posted by David. Sorry about the ‘anonymous’.

    2. No problem. :) And yes, both I think tell a pretty clear tale.

  2. I'm hoping Musk is being fair with this. By some accounts, there were reporters tweeting his location in real time to inform Antifa. I'm not seeing how Olbermann could have been part of that.

    1. I've not heard the details, and given the lack of credible media coverage, I probably won't. Musk's reasons were the doxxing of him and his family. Fair enough. Did Olbermann somehow promote and spread such things? Again, it's barely covered except 'Musk bans journalists the hypocrite!'

  3. The shell game is barely even in effect here. Allowing people to actively plot to harm or kill you is insane and fits no one's definition of "free specch." But the people condemning this move would not bat an eye over someone getting suspended for saying "Marriage is between one man and one woman."


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