Friday, November 1, 2019

White is the new Jew

I've said that before.  The modern Left is using the term White the way Nazis used the word Jew.  It's gaining steam.  Almost overnight, not only can any individual say whites should be eradicated from the planet, but increasingly anyone who protests will be put in the same spot as Jews protesting the Nazis.  It's what happened then, and it's happening now.  In Christian circles, we call it sin.

You can see the development in a story that developed recently about racism on a college campus.  I saw the story when it broke, that two students had been arrested for hurtling racist words at fellow students.  I didn't realize you could be arrested for using racist words. Given the growing number of words and phrases - especially if used by white people - that is called racist, that's bothersome in itself.

But when the story was unpacked, and the suspects shown, I couldn't help but notice that they neither looked white, nor did their names sound particularly Anglo-European.  It turns out they aren't white.  And yet, a Princeton Professor runs in to explain that it's still the evil of whiteness that has done this.  You see, they are still 'white' in that by becoming racist, they were simply being tainted by the disease of whiteness.  White is used as being synonymous with sin; with evil.  This is very much in the way the Nazis saw the uncleanness of Jews, or the taint of Jewishness in the new Reich.

It's all very alarming of course.  Too many Christians have accepted this idea that evil only came to the world through the Christian West, therefore if there are problems, it's our fault.  If Muslims in CAIR say Christians who believe in salvation through Jesus should be barred from holding office, then it's no doubt fine.  If black editors write about their hatred for and disdain for the suffering of whites, it's what we deserve.  If people side with tyranny, communism and slaughter as long as it's not for anything linked to the Western Tradition, then it's OK.

The bigotry we lament took centuries, or millennia, to develop when it comes to racism against blacks, Jews and others.  It has taken barely a generation or so to develop today.  That means that what capped off these long developments in the form of Jim Crow, lynchings, segregation and the gas chambers, will likely cap off much sooner this time around.

I'm not saying 'whites of the world unite!'   I'm saying most in most groups probably don't think this way - yet.  In fact, the biggest noise makers in this development are liberal whites.  The same liberal whites increasingly intolerant of black conservatives, black African priests, Asian Republicans and others who get off the leftist plantation.  Sure, all groups have their bad apples.  And I don't believe for a minute that there aren't some out there in decidedly non-white demographics who want their pound of tyrannical flesh.

But if we keep on with a 'gee Dave, what can we do, we need to get along' approach that assumes as long as Christians are compromised, we'll be like Chamberlain going back to Munich three years later and trying again.  We will deserve the hatred and contempt that future generations who pay the price of our folly will have for us.

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