Saturday, November 9, 2019

An autumn of ups and downs

So it came about that, just as my Mom was recovering from an injury to her leg (she has troubles moving about now), my third oldest son fell during a sports injury and hyper-extended his leg.  I had no idea that such an injury could incapacitate him the way it did.  Nor did I realize just how much money goes out the window over something like this.  Thankfully many came through and helped, not just through the GoFundMe that my oldest set up, but also by way of other charitable gifts from churches and family.

Through it all, we made it or, hopefully and prayerfully, will make it.  Nonetheless, times have already changed.  Our injured son has been a fixture here at home as we've helped him, along with months of physical therapy, to get back to where he should be.  The older two, between jobs and college and various social and church events, are seldom around.  Even though we leave them stay at home to cut down on expenses, and thus avoid debt if at all possible, they're here mostly on a motor lodge basis.

Despite this, they will still set aside time to do things with the family, especially with their youngest brother so that he doesn't feel left out.  To that end, we tried to salvage what is usually our favorite season of the year, though it wasn't easy.  Mostly, it was just getting through things.  Between a dry and blistering September of 90 degree weather (which doesn't bring much in the way of that Fall feel), and our son's injury, much of what we usually have done over the years just didn't happen.

Of course we explained that some of what we have done over the years we kept doing for our youngest.  We would have stopped years ago if the older boys had gotten older and moved on. We continue for his sake, but as he gets older, we expect some of those old kiddie times will pass on into memories, just as they should.

When all was said and done, however, we nonetheless managed to salvage at least some of the season for our youngest, since we realize it won't be long before he'll be growing on from these things.  His brothers also seemed to realize this, and did what they could to be with us on our trip to Southern Indiana and of course Tricks or Treats.

It all started out well enough, with everyone home to see the Harvest Moon

Because his 21st Birthday was hit between the two accidents involving my Mom and other son, his
oldest brother passed his OSU tickets over to him this year - not the best pic, but it was almost 11 PM

Still stumbling along, we couldn't do our normal 'cemetery run', so the boys decided
to postpone until the healing was over

Foliage-wise, it was not the best year, where spring floods, summer drought,
and 90 degree September all diminished the usual bright colors of an Ohio Fall

We went through S. Indiana, to old haunts my wife and I discovered years ago -
it was nice to be back. 

This is St. Meinrad, where I began my long and tumultuous walk away from Protestantism
and toward the Catholic Church - the crutches prevented a long tour (we had to leave as his leg
swelled up and needed iced down)

Another staple was a restaurant called The Overlook, for obvious reasons.  Unfortunately,
it was booked for a wedding on what turned out to be the most weddings on a single day this year - so it
was pictures, but nothing else

Not to be deterred, we went on All Souls Day (Western) to do our cemetery run
with the youngest.  Here they are, peering in a grand old mausoleum

Here they are, once again looking at a sealed up mausoleum here in our own hometown,
wondering what could be behind it all

The boys, there for their youngest - and each other

Taking a picture of a missing vault you say?

All things must pass - our youngest decided to go through a straw maze where we usually
get our pumpkins.  There was only one pumpkin worth buying, and he conceded he was a bit old to do it again

Halloween, dressing like a cop just like his older brother

Speaking of which, we don't know if the injury will be permanent, and what that
will mean for a career in law enforcement - he's making contingency plans

The oldest brother - smallest of the older three, and yet he often still calls the shots

Still planning on law school, our inscrutable second oldest went all out
along with the others in order to keep their youngest in the spirit of things

The boys together again - when all is said and done, that's enough

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