Friday, November 22, 2019

Can you Google me?

Just curious.  I'm unable to reach my site by Google.  If I Google "Daffey Thoughts", it takes me to my old defunct page at Patheo.  I noticed that pageviews and visits have dropped like a rock in a day.  Just curious.  Even with me backing off blogging, I still - by virtue of existing on the Internet - will get a fairly consistent daily traffic.  But in the last day it's down to nothing.

So just curious if anyone else can Google and find me.  Various posts and pieces I've written will come up, but I've not seen the main page. 


  1. I escape the google bubble by sending my searches to them via Duck Duck Go. (search term was "!g daffey thoughts" in a private window.) This blog came up first, and Patheos second.

    1. I'll look into that. It appears Google is back to normal and I can Google this again. Thanks.


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