Thursday, November 1, 2018

A triumph in many ways

Despite overwhelming obstacles, we still managed to make it a fun Halloween/Spooky season for our youngest.  It isn't what it used to be, when his three older brothers were always around, taking him and doing things with him, often with me and/or their mom trotting behind.  Now it's mostly me and the mom doing things, with whatever brother(s) are available.  This month it's mostly been the three of us, sometimes with our eighteen year old who isn't going to school, and only now and again with the older two.  Their jobs and college keep them hopping, though they're both pulling A averages, so it's worth it.

Nonetheless, despite several unforeseen issues and the last week of ongoing, constant, relentless, never ending rain, we managed to pull together a fairly successful Halloween, with at least a little round about for the Fall season.  Pictures will be forthcoming.

Likewise, this last month was the busiest this blog has ever had.  Only one other time was it close to this busy here, and it even exceeded any of my months at Patheos.  In fact, only the first month after I came back from Patheos was this blog anywhere close.  I think several regulars from Patheos came over for the first month to see what this was about.  Most (not all, most) were just the old Patheos trolls it turns out.  Some trolls can be, for whatever else they are, brave souls, charging into places where they are the decided minorities.  Most of my trolls at Patheos were of the cowardly variety.  They preferred trolling in places where they knew they were the majority, and could count on others joining in and beating up on the rare non-conformer.  I guess fearful that they might be outnumbered here, they moved on, only visiting on rare occasion (per their own testimony on other sites).

So having beaten out the all time traffic record, and having passed anything I did at Patheos, that will also bring about some changes.  I'll get to those, too.  As of now, it's raining and raining and raining some more.  We're watching the basement like a hawk, as it was last November that, for the first time since we've lived here, the basement flooded.  The rains this time aren't as heavy as they were then, but it's been over a week of daily rain with only a couple days of breaks.  Once we're done with that vigil, I'll update the all important epicures, and explain where things are going to go in the future. 

Till then, TTFN and God bless.

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