Monday, November 5, 2018

The time has come for me to say sayonara

Das ist das Ende.  Das Ende.  So said Alfred Jodl in the move Patton, when he realized all hope was lost.  For me, I don't think all hope is lost.  I do think, however, that I've done my part.  Last month saw this blog getting more visits than ever before.  Most importantly, it exceeded anything I had at Patheos.  For me, that was important.  Much of the visiting at Patheos was just the trolls like Andre, or Paul B, who came back over and over again for no moral purpose, initially generating page views, but toward the end driving them away.  To be able break my views at Patheos with bona fide visits, albeit owing to some link ups to other websites, was far more satisfying.

So that's nice.  But it's also enough.  I look back at some of the posts I wrote from years gone by and notice that I've been saying the same thing, with minor tweaks, the whole time. And though I was hardly alone in my observations, it wasn't as common then as it is among some today to admit the obvious: what we're seeing is the seeds of those old Communist infiltrators finally bearing fruit.  After generations of seizing the press, education, goverment, and even religion, we are beginning to reject things once understood as true, fact, common sense, logical, moral and basic 'squares aren't round' models of reality.  And we're doing it to embrace the unthinkable, the unholy, the ungodly, the all out brainless idiocy most would once have rejected outright only a few years ago.  Just like the Bolsheviks of old would want.

As such, more and more are saying what I saw: this is a deliberate attempt to attack the Church of Jesus Christ, and a purposeful desire to overthrow the American experiment and the Christian West and replace it with a weary impersonation of Marxism fused with the age old dream of a one world order.  As my sons said, it's as if they stopped teaching Orwell as a cautionary tale and began teaching it as a blueprint.

Now, more and more of those who might not like Trump, but get Trump - and Brexit, and any other backlash against this discount Communism - admit what is happening.  And, quite frankly, they're saying it better than me. Whether in the realm of politics, or how it is impacting the Christian Faith, they're unpacking the historic mess we now find ourselves in.  Take this.  Yep. It touches on something I've been working on for a while, ever since I became Orthodox.   The realization that our problems didn't start with Obama, Bush, Reagan, the Beatles, WWII, Wilson, Roosevelt, the Civil War, Jim Crow, the Founding Fathers, the Enlightenment, or even the Renaissance.  Somehow, the Church began conceding to a new, less traditional Christian model of reality while gallant knights rode forth from their turreted castles.  What we've watch develop over the centuries - slowly at first, but picking up lightning speed - has been a concession to a non-Christian model of reality.  It has been compromise, acquiesce, retreat or when those fail, all out surrender.

Because this new religion - this 'Leftist' revolution - is becoming so congealed and plain, it's senseless for someone like me to keep pointing out the obvious.  There is no liberal trinity.  There is no Hollywood and the press and the Democrats.  They are all just part of a new, revolutionary movement.  It is an evangelistic movement that seeks to convert all faiths to its doctrines.  It seeks to destroy the Christian West and America, the Christian Faith and its followers.  It has all but made those designs clear. What can I do but point out what is plain to see?  Others are doing that; others whose voices are heard by far more than me.  And because it is more obvious than ever, they are able to speak plainly and eloquently to a problem we had best wake up to before it's too late, if it isn't already.

Does that mean I'm done with the blog?  No.  Does it mean I'll never post another thought or picture? No.  I'll still post.  But the reason for having the blog, advised by a Catholic priest back in 2010 who at the time thought I would inevitably find a way into ministering within the Catholic tradition, is no more.  Whether as a topical blog or one used to hone my writings skills, the world for me in which I started this blog has long passed.  I believe my ministry days are behind me.  Right now, my ministry is to my children, preparing them for what is coming around the corner, taking care of my Mom, and being the best I can be, finding work from home if possible, and just keeping things together.

Fact is, blogging takes time.  Sorting through the headlines, checking  other websites, verifying the sources (ahem), going to different blogs to see what's happening - that's no small hunk out of the day.  Even if my editing only consists of 'spellcheck and publish', it can still accumulate the hours.  Again, because others are saying what I've noticed for years, and there's really no vocational end game for me sitting here and doing this, I just can't see the benefits outweighing the effort.  Plus, despite page views soaring to all time heights, the comments on the blog itself never really materialized.  While being trolled on Patheos became a fat waste of time, comments in general were always the best part of blogging - it's where you make sure you're not barking at trucks or might find out you're missing something.  It's often where you see things that help unpack your initial observations.  While a few regulars have always stopped by to comment, or send me emails, it's simply not balancing the hours that are increasingly needed elsewhere.  I'm sure they can continue reaching out to me via email or Facebook or other outlets, as I can them.

So going forward, I'll keep this to post fun things, bizarre things, things that catch my eye.  Or just hobbies or fun family stuff when I get around to it.  Sort of an online diary you might say, with posting by the month more than the day (or even week).  Sometimes I'll post my own reflections.  This month is the 100th anniversary of the end to that War to end all Wars that you've heard so little about, and that's worth a post right there.  It also will be time for the second most hated people in America - the pilgrims.  I might even link to the shock I had when I discovered so much hostility towards them from so many Catholics - many who were then stunned to discover the same hatred for the pilgrims was aimed at the quite Catholic Christopher Columbus just the same.  Then comes Christmas!  Who knows what I'll write about then - or I might be having too much fun in the real world to write at all!  And then the New Year, more school, bills and jobs, and contemplating more The Benedict Option of Rod Dreher and how absolutely true it is.

So that will be that.  I'll no longer take my cues from the latest propaganda headlines or other blogs reflecting on what is so obvious.  I might comment at their blogs, letting them do the heavy lifting (like old times before I started this blog).  I might link to them.  But when it comes to posting anything, it will just be me, the family, my thoughts, and my personal reflections on my own life and pilgrimage from now on - unless something catastrophic should happen in the world.  No more click bait.

The world is going where it will, and it's obvious we don't even know what is happening, but that the forces dedicated to propaganda and agenda advancement tell us.  Whenever I talk to people from other countries who are experiencing the world outside of our media, I'm reminded of how ill-informed we really are.  The world as painted by modern media and culture is likely as far from reality as we can imagine.  And our schools are no better.  My boys have adopted a 'keep your head down' approach in college, and I don't blame them.  In some ways, that's where I'm going.  It's time to go and find that path God would have for us; for me.  Whatever it is, I'm sure it doesn't include constantly pouring over the latest headlines that only remind me how little the end result will have to do with God in the first place.  No, my time will be spent focusing on God, even if so much of the world is stumbling over itself to get to the wide gate.

So I'll see everyone around.  I will post, on occasion.  When the spirit moves me, as they say.  Till then, TTFN, and God bless all.


  1. Wow, Paul, Dave run over your cat or something? You know the first sign of maturity is being able to handle the reality that people might disagree with you.

    1. Nate, Paul was one of those typical trolls we hear about. Unlike Andre, Paul's approach was lowbrow. Whereas Andre would pull the old 'can you really prove C-A-T doesn't spell dog?' or 'isn't the past irrelevant?' tricks, Paul just plowed in, screaming names and insults, often laden with expletives and vulgarities. He became more embittered toward me, I think, after he got seriously owned last year or thereabouts. He had done his usual 'you're an idiot and moron (add expletives here)', but then got taken to the woodshed by Don McClarey, who showed I was right and Paul was hilariously wrong. Like the old saying goes, the only thing worse than being wrong on the internet is being wrong after you loudly and openly mocked someone else who turned out to be right. He never came back to my blog after that, but a couple of times joined others while I still hung about at other Patheos blogs. My guess is this be his parting shot, trying to salve what wounds he's still been chaffing over since his big humiliation.

  2. An Update in the Comments.

    I'm deleting the comments by Paul Boillot because, ultimately, they have no redeeming value. As I explained to Nate, he has trolled me before. Unlike Andre, who was the troll of trolls at Patheos, Paul could only post in infantile insults and expletives. If one wants that level of discourse, one can hang out at any local kindergarten playground. And, unlike Andre - who when not trolling could contribute interesting and welcome insights to a discussion - Paul seemed consistent in his ability to be wrong about everything. Given that he contributed nothing positive, and seemed only capable of hurling insults and name calling to cover his never ending ignorance of the subjects at hand, there is no need to have him showing here.

    So I'm deleting his messages, something I've never done. I warned him already, and he went ahead and posted another childish barb, so obviously he isn't taking the hint. I might post his 'comments' and my responses some other time, in some other place. He did post them them after all, and I let them stand. But I've had some who stopped by point out what Nate noticed, and I don't want that to be the focus here. I don't want his petty issues to pollute my "almost farewell" post with his typical infantile cesssposts from the dregs of the Internet. So that is that. Again, I might post them somewhere down the road, but not here. And because of that, and because I've already been contacted (as usual) through email about the post rather than on the comments, I'm closing comments down for this post. If you don't usually contact me this way, you can always do so by email.