Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mocking victims of gun violence

When it serves the cause.  OK, I get it.  A staunch advocate for gun rights is shot by her 4 year old.  Let's all have a laugh.  Over at Mark Shea's Facebook Page they're having a particularly good time yucking it up and popping champagne corks over her injuries.  Naturally.  What else would we expect from a fine, upstanding representative of the Catholic Church and his Facebook followers?

We don't know the details of the story, but it's likely she was negligent.  And she should face penalties if she was.  But it means nothing of course.  The number of accidental deaths from guns numbers an average of 750 a year  A good amount given how many own guns and how available those guns are.  Far fewer deaths than death by auto accident, where regulations, laws, education and training are mandatory and frequent economic incentives are given to promote safe driving.

But again, this is proof for why most gun owners have a gnawing distrust of gun control advocates.  When a story comes by that a young woman is accidentally shot by her four year old, and your first reaction is to crow over her wounded body and blow beer out your nose because the right type of person just got injured and it helps aid the all important agenda, then you're exactly why the NRA is able to convince people that any movement toward gun control is a movement toward all control.


  1. Mark Shea is not funny and he is not a good representative of Catholic apologists.

  2. No, he isn't. Not any more. I fear that he has actually crossed a line to being spiritually dangerous, which is my main beef with so many Catholic leaders embracing him. It's as if they don't care.


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