Sunday, October 26, 2014

When I read news stories about Catholicism

Like this, I am reminded that the attitudes of the post-Christian Left are basically summed up by this.  As Ross Douthat has pointed out, there is no compromise with the secular Left.  Every Western faith tradition that has tried has died in the process.  So as the Catholic Church bumbles and stumbles its way to find a compromise, just remember the other times in history when the Church adopted the attitudes and ideals of the surrounding, non-Christian age.  The results, I'm afraid, were seldom good.

When Catholics are too closely conformed to the spirit of their age, any age, the Gospel is compromised.    Francis Cardinal George.


  1. It's apparently standard operating procedure:

    "The current blue attack (or "pink" in a term coined in parallel by James Poulos) on the tech grays uses two tactics: entryism and status shaming.

    The entryism is of the usual type: people with blue/pink ideals join red / gray groups and try to achieve social status with in those groups, then use that social status to push for the admission of – and promotion of – more blue/pink members. Once the blue/pink members achieve a majority they then change the rules of admission to create a lock on their new conquest (in the case of academia, for example, even blue researchers in the Netherlands of all places, were shocked by how blatant the process was).

    The status shaming is also of the usual type: high status blue / pinks follow Alinksy's battle plan.

    First, they pick a low-status target (rule 12). This target is usually a pale, bespectacled Aspergers-ish nerd) for a transgression against the norms they wish to universalize. The high social status pinks paint themselves as victims of a power imbalance, then they use their superior popularity to out-speak the target and push their version of the narrative. Pink allies in the media join in to keep the pressure on (rule 8). This is easy to do, because the act of social shaming is not only fun, but it's click-bait, so everyone involved not only has lolz, they has cheeseburger (rule 6). The toxic nature of the allegations is usually sufficient to make sure that the target of the attack does not get much, if any, sympathetic press (rule 12, again: "Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions".)"

    Read the whole thing.

  2. Cool article. I think I'll post on it when I can digest it a little more.


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