Tuesday, October 21, 2014

You can't argue with success

When lamenting the downward spiral of CAEI, and the tendency of a self proclaimed conservative Catholic to speak more harshly and mercilessly about conservative Christians and Americans than a KKK rally does about MLK, all to the cheers and praise of an overwhelmingly left leaning or non-conformist or even anti-American reader base, remember one thing:  It worked like a charm.  There's a reason the Rolling Stones looked at the success that arose from the Beatles' shock value and decide, not to attempt to conform to good old Christian values, but push the boundaries even wider than anyone could imagine.  It worked.

Same here.  Whatever the reasons for the strange emphasis on celebrating liberal narratives and perspectives while accepting the liberal stereotypes of any who stand against the leftist juggernaut, it can't be denied that it's worked like a charm.  And sometimes there are still those gems that speak wonderfully about what the Catholic faith is about.  But it's also a very Catholic thing that someone can appear at one point to be so balanced and discerning and objective, only to step behind "closed doors", in this case blog styled closed doors, and act in ways that would shame the most ardent fundamentalist zealots.


  1. I notice quite a few blue areas in his list there. That's starting to explain a lot...

    However, it could be a good sign. Maybe actually interacting with real callers from actual red states that he's insulted will give Shea some self reflection.

    Then again, maybe he'll do what I've long said he should and play the role of apolitical religious fellow. Who knows, maybe it's the pen that tempts him to sin and the microphone will do him some good.

    Since you're in Ohio, Dave, I'll grab the popcorn and eagerly await your reviews of the show.

  2. Eh, if he acts like he does on his blog, it'll go the way of Air America.


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