Friday, October 31, 2014

Censoring comments is not the way to defend Pope Francis

Just saying.  For those who insist that the world and media are wrong, and that Francis isn't some rampaging liberal laying the seeds for future compromise with modernity, the growing defense trend is that Francis's comments must constantly be chalked up to misunderstandings.  Deliberate or otherwise.  Of course that's possible.  It is the media after all.  There's an agenda there, and we all know now that only a fool takes the press's take on things at face value.

Still, the one person that doesn't seem to know this is Pope Francis.  And time and again, his statements that to a word seem to be misinterpreted to reflect a modern liberal outlook, all must be dismissed as part of a vast anti-Francis conspiracy, or perhaps even Francis imitating Jesus by speaking in parables and vague ways to hide truths from all but the worthy on the Catholic blogosphere.

In any event, whether part of the grand scheme of Francis to lead all back to the Truth, or part of a vast conspiracy, or even that Francis is a typically left leaning product of S. American society, the fact remains it's been a topic of conversation for months.  Fine.  But every time a comment is deleted, at least as far as I see, it validates those who smell a rat.  Since deleting, while it can be (and often is) excused as sheer disgust at horrible comments, more often than not looks like someone trying to hide something.  And that doesn't bode well in a delicate situation like this.

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