Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We can assume Christians are the guilty ones

According to new convert Leah Libresco.  Picked up on Mark Shea's blog, it doesn't take long for Christians to take their places in the circular firing squad.  Could the hacking be from Christian groups? Yeah.  The Secular Student Alliance would seem to be targeted by religious types.  It could be true.  And I don't know the designs of the alliance.  If it's a place for secularists to hang out, no problem.  If, like other atheist groups, it's all about how to crush the right to be religious in our post-modern age, then my sympathies aren't there. 

The fact is, it's a group we know little about hacked by someone we can't identify.  Leah, God love her, sings the praises of atheists who came to the rescue when Christians were so treated.  Though I know from experience some of the sites mentioned in the links have about one part 'gee, maybe it's sometimes not good to vandalize churches', and about three to four parts 'stupid religious fanatic scum, it's what they get.'  But notice the ease and speed with which Christians jump forth to help a group they know little to nothing about, all the while rushing forward with the assumption that, as is always the case in our post-modern narrative, Christians do not deserve a trial, by nature they are guilty as charged.  It's just when Christians do it, we assume that applied to all [not me] Christians. 

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