Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Washington Post charges forth to help the Trump reelection bid

The #1 hope for Donald Trump supporters is that the White House and the MSM will continue to push the narrative that we are in the midst of a robust economy, that everything is looking positive, and there's good news right around the corner

This has been the official economic news for over a year and a half now.  Often planted firmly between stories about how people can't afford groceries, or housing, or utilities, or insurance, or can't get loans, or are amassing catastrophic levels of personal debt.  

Operating on the old notion that if you repeat a lie often enough it will become true, the MSM has been spinning things positively since 2021.  Yet most people can't miss this little fact:

My personal hypothesis is that the press's attempts to lie Hillary Clinton into the White House in 2016 by telling us we never had it so good or we're a racist, helped tip the votes in favor of Trump.  It wasn't the only reason.  But when Fareed Zakaria gushed in front of the CNN camera that the world was on the cusp of unprecedented bliss, largely because of the Obama admission, it wasn't tough to notice a big gap between his editorial and reality. I mean, a sluggish recovery and ISIS as 'the new normal' is tough to spin positively.  Hence there was enough of a gap that people might not have voted for Trump, but they chose not to vote at all. 

I see the same here.  Between the growing splits within the Democratic Party between the old codger liberals and the young 'Death to the West' radicals, and the wars and Afghanistan disaster (still remembered despite the MSM's desperate attempts to sweep it under the rug), there is enough reason to question the current administration.

Add to that the complete impotence the White House has displayed in the face of two wars that have exploded onto the world stage amidst a growing number of uprisings and violence, along with the economy that we're told is so good as we pay $80.00 for two bags of groceries, and you almost think the MSM wants Trump to win.  

BTW, just as I prepared to post this, I overheard the news reporting on the latest inflation report.  It was completely unintellegicable.  Basically, the wording of the story was that all is well and has been well.  Prices have dropped or stayed the same or something.  Incomes are looking good or the same or something.  This inflation report was higher or something but not bad or could be good but all is looking splendid.  And yet during the entire broadcast, the graphics showing prices and cost of living over the last year or two were all of those little red arrows pointing up.  The report was so out of whack from the reality it was showing that it made no sense whatsoever.   


  1. Well, it might not matter this time around because the powers that be are more adept at cheating ;P

    1. It doesn't matter this time because the choice is like jumping from a burning building and dying on impact or refusing to jump and being burned to death.

      Yet I know that there will be those telling me it is a mortal sin not to vote for the pro-Bud Light, pro-Walt Disney World joker who says he would oppose attempts to outright ban abortion.

    2. Yep. It's pretty flagrant at this point. Even today, we saw a report on how optimistic things look, even after a report that continually high inflation might impeded tackling the interest rate problem. Two sides of the mouth at once.

  2. Water softener salt at Walmart was about $3.80 four years ago. Today it's $8.34.

    Thanks to Joe and the whole crew in D.C. Republicans included.

    1. Oh, some of the items we have to get for my mom who lives with us have almost tripled. Doubling the cost over the last couple years is almost normal.


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