Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Prayers for the victims in Nashville

Your heart just breaks at stories like this.  Sure, tragedy happens every day.  Yes, it's a hard world for little things.   But we just don't always hear about it.  When we do, it tears at the heart, especially where the youngest of these are involved. 

According to reports, not only were three adults, but three children, were among the victims.  And from the reports this morning, one of the victims was the pastor's child.  That hits hard, let me tell you.  

I get that in our Orwellian age, almost immediately we rush in to stake our political claims on this.   It's easy to be sucked in and be part of the problem here.  Better to do what people of good will would do in the past.  We pray for the victims, the families, and all impacted by this horrible crime.  We celebrate the police officers who rushed in, risking their lives to stop the shooting.  If possible, we find ways to help the people involved. 

In all things we stay planted in reality, remembering the priorities, and the human beings swept up in this moment. 

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