Friday, March 31, 2023

Has has the USCCB responded to the Nashville shooting?

That's United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for you Protestants out there.  I'm just wondering.  I looked and didn't find anything.  I saw some individual bishops say a few things.  But nothing from the USCCB that I could find.  I say that because:

You get the point.  The George Floyd response was the Johnny-come-lately of the bunch, a whopping six days after his death.  For others like the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting the official response was the same day. 

But unless I'm missing it, we're four days out and nothing.  Heck, they can join the transgender movement and insist the real victim was the shooter.  At least it would be something.  But right now I'm hearing a great big silence.  

At least Pope Francis reached out and offered his condolences.   If there has been a response from the USCCB I would happily concede the point.  Walking back on this post is a far better thing than there not being a response, and the implications of such a difference in reactions. 

UPDATE:  5:30 and all is not well.  It's now five days since the horrific Nashville church school shooting. And I've found nothing from our brave bishops.  Some individual bishops have spoken out.  But nothing like the above and other similar responses.  

UPDATE 2: It's Palm Sunday, that means six days since the shooting.  The press has all but dropped it.  The official transgender response is now '7 Victims' or, in some cases, only 1 real victim.  And those are the nice transgender activist responses.  I'm not giving up, but I'm beginning to doubt the bishops will respond at all.  Few national religious leaders have.  Those who have responded have avoided the obvious, or refused to call out the worst of the transgender rhetoric.   So we'll see.  


  1. The bishops are too busy cracking down on Latin Mass goers, who are apparently existential threats to the Church... or something. (I’m pretty disgusted by it and I’m not even a TLM person)
    The USCCB is not actually run by bishops anyway. It’s run by a bunch of assistants, aides, and, probably, women.

    1. Yeah, heaven forfend they do some horrible thing like hold to historical Christianity. I mean, not saying killing Christians is a good thing, but let's keep our priorities straight. Sadly, we're seeing we've long passed the point of no return, and all those leaders and institutions we imagined would rise up to fight are, in fact, scrambling to be the first with white flags waving.

    2. Now that I’m reading the updates you posted I’m disgusted by the response to Floyd’s death. It just wasn’t what it seemed and now we have enough evidence to see that. Every Palm Sunday we read that the Passion gospel in common and it’s the thing that keeps me from jumping in with mob condemnation. Mobs are uninterested in facts and joining in with them too quickly can make you party to actual injustice. Even if those mobs are mobs of silence.

  2. Why would the USCCB, an organization which takes its cues from the DNC, condemn a shooting that the DNC endorses?

    1. The sad part is, the reason we're not talking about the victims' identities or the motives is because their identities are of the Left's enemy (if the church's website is to be believed), and therefore they are not important. The shooter is important, so we can talk about that, or just guns. Or, better yet, drop the whole thing. I expect it from the Left. Sad thing is? I'm increasingly expecting it from our leaders as well.

    This man has 'advocacy' in his portfolio, but perhaps that's only in court. The 'chief communications officer' as of two years ago was someone named 'James Rogers'


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