Monday, December 30, 2019

Eddie Murphy and the cowardly rebels from of old

One of many greedy little cowards in Hollywood
It used to be said that old people became set in their ways as they got older.  The Baby Boomers, once more, prove that adage wrong.  More and more post-Boomer Americans are shuffling off the coils of old values, standards, principles, ethics, and almost everything they once cherished.  Things that were once the hill upon which to take our stand are tossed out the windows like nickles and dimes at a stunning rate.

And the bold rebels of my youth, who made millions proudly sticking a finger in the eye of American values and kicked down barriers of vulgarity, debauchery and hedonism are becoming groveling thralls of the political Left.  So Eddie Murphy, who took the mantle of George Carlin, Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx and ran it down the field toward new levels of base vulgarity, insults and mockery of everyone has been cowed by the Left's favorite tool to eradicate rights: The LGBTQ movement.

I remember his groundbreaking routine Delirious.  Non-believing, liberal hedonist that I was, I admit his routine was a bit much even for me.  Nonetheless, I watched it, chuckled a few times, and moved on, keeping in mind Groucho Marx's old saying that anyone can be funny by being vulgar, but it takes talent to be funny and clean.

I therefore was stunned to see, around that same time, criticism of him for making fun of homosexuals.  I thought heck, he made fun of everyone.  What's so big about that?  So what if he adds homosexuals to the long list of targets for his swear-fest insults?  I mean, his whole obscenity laced screed was one giant piss over an endless list of individuals and groups.  Everyone laughed, it's the 1980s when nothing is real and nothing to get hung about, being offended is for old fundie types, and who cares?  So what's so special about homosexuals?

Of course going on forty years later, we now see that the LGBTQ movement is the weapon with which the Left has systematically disarmed the building blocks of liberty, freedom, free speech, religious tolerance and the essentials of the Christian Western tradition.  Increasingly young people seem proud to declare they would gladly see an end to the Bill of Rights and all freedoms rather than  allow someone to dare disagree with the LGBTQ movement.  And increasingly we are seeing pushes to do just that.

Part of the effectiveness of this ploy is that so many - from the Russ Moores of Evangelicalism to Catholic leaders to those bold rebels of old in the Entertainment Industry like Eddie Murphy - simply are incapable or unwilling to take a stand.  Saruman spoke well and nailed this generation that will gladly put an end to the 2500 year march toward a free and democratic society if it only means outlawing the right to think any other way than the LGBTQ movement dictates, lest they be deemed enemies of the same.   In the old days, that was called cowardly.  In my book, it still deserves to be called just that.

UPDATE: Apparently comedian Kevin Hart has joined the grovelers.  I won't update this every time it happens, but I wonder.  What is it about the altar of Gay that has lead us to throw all rights and liberties and freedom out the window?  Why is it so singularly powerful?  I realize there are many other thoughts and words nowadays that can cost you your living and livelihood, your reputation and your freedom.  But there is some fluidity in most of those, and some degree of disagreement.  But with Gay, there is nothing, no give, no mercy, no anything.  You buck Gay, and you will come back groveling or else.  Why?  How has that happened, how does it continue to happen, and how is it that so many - including growing numbers of everyone - are fine with saying it would be better to burn all rights and liberties than allow someone not to agree with Gay? 


  1. In the Similarilion [sp?] Tolkien reveals that the Orcs were created when the satanic figure of Middle-earth took some elves and twisted and corrupted them. (I think Trolls were a corruption of Ents.)

    It came to my mind on another post that it could be argued communism was the "orcification" of catholicism. Along similar lines, the modern SJW movement is the orc version of protestantism.

    The forces of the world have figured out how to use the christian principle of prioritizing the weak and meek to then bully the churches into doing what they want. Since the scrabble crowd (LGBTMNOPQXYZetc) are a minority and therefore the oppressed of society, any harm done to them is a violation of Jesus' command to comfort the oppressed and troubled. Just look at any post by Shea, any time he wants to take shots at the Right he uses the same verses over and over ("give comfort to the poor oppressed, etc etc"). Even if the culture no longer acknowledges Jesus, the inertia of Christianity still drives and animates it on the whole. Thus why everything must bend to accommodate them.

    Otherwise you're just evil.

    1. That's a great point. It's been said that atheism borrows heavily from religious traditions when it's at a loss to explain why anything matters. Likewise, these movements do hijack Christian and biblical values - selectively - and then use them against the Faith. The famous 'don't just you bastard' approach: you can't judge, except that which we say must be judged. Sadly, Pope Francis follows that same principle, insisting who is he to judge, only to turn on a dime and judge more harshly (and more condescendingly) than any modern pope I've known. The speed with which so many Christians are accepting these worldly spins on the faith might explain why the faith increasingly seems more guided by the world than the other way around.


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