Saturday, December 7, 2019

Pearl Harbor

Today is that day that was supposed to live in infamy.  Here is a link to a post of mine with links in it to other posts of mine where I have mused on this anniversary over the years.

Clearly FDR didn't see the millennials coming.  But then, neither did the Founding Fathers.  And sometimes you wonder just who did see it coming.  A generation, as so many on my Patheos blog made clear, is proud to disdain knowledge of the past, reality, standards, values or anything really. 

We speak of Internet Trolls, but in some ways you wonder if this tendency toward trolling is as much a part of modern millennials and younger generations identity as a tactic they use.  A combo of pride, a lack of substantive accomplishments, and a general willingness to say the only thing that matters is winning the latest argument and getting what I want. 

As I've said many times, either America's education system failed beyond anything imaginable, or it succeeded beyond its wildest dreams.  The future will likely determine which.

So a date that should live in infamy?  Yes.  A date that does?   I doubt it.   

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