Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Because modern progressive secularists don't just want the right to die

They want a world in which the state can step in and make it happen.  It chills the bones to see so many jumping into the comments and pining for the right of the machine to make a parent pull a child off life support.  I know that the basic post was just a typical atheist chance to dig at religion.  Most modern atheist apologists are, as in this case, close to the same class and compassion levels as Fred Phelps. It's just that our educational and media institutions, being firmly in bed with the progressive secular cause, are more than willing to brush it under the carpet. But here we see that it is the pipe dream of at least some on the secular left, not just to allow abortion and euthanasia, but rather to set up conditions where outside forces can step in and make it happen.  Again, someone remind me why Sarah Palin was just a bubble-headed idiot for all that talk about death panels?

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