Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blogging on hold for a while

There's two reasons.  One, my new job, helping my Mom move since the passing of my Dad, and generally just making time for the family isn't allowing the time needed to really do a good work on the blog.  Second, I'm really, really reconsidering what kind of a blog I want.  Two reasons for this are best seen in the comments here and here

On one hand, you have folks coming out and blasting the media for exploiting the death of Caylee Anthony for its own purposes by basically exploiting the death of Caylee Anthony in order to blast pro-choicers, the press, talk radio, or any one of a hundred not-me types while getting in an all-too-common "America Always Sucks" meme.  And of course, they miss the irony of their own hypocrisy in doing so.  But alas, far too many ideological blogs appear to be going that direction I'm sad to say, and that's the direction of the fundamentalist. 

But on the other hand, you have someone defending Dan Savage, the Gay Rights Movement's answer to Fred Phelps, or at least Jack Chick.  A man who spews hatred and loathing at anyone who doesn't conform to his values, who wishes to turn kids against their parents while teaching them the glories of anal sex (even in an age of AIDS), and who has more than once said that he feels anyone in any school who speaks out against homosexuality should be treated like a bully.  In short, they should be punished.  His comparing certain individuals to fecal matter was not condemned, but rather passionately defended.  And when I and others suggested Savage might be a bit on the bad side of things, note the resistance on the part of some.

The blogosphere is a place, apparently, where people go to say there are no rules, just my side winning - becoming the very things they so often condemn.  Not wishing to repeat that, and not wishing to bring back the comments section since I noticed that stopping people from acting that way caused most of the commenters to leave, has made me want to think through just what I want from this blog. 

So until then, once more, I'll turn to the things that matter so much to me, and that's my family.  Here are the boys at COSI (that's Center of Science and Industry) in Columbus striking an interesting pose outside of the Dinosaur exhibit (which could have been a day trip in and of itself).  The Adventure exhibit, where you wander through ruins looking for clues, was equally fun.  Will be back when I can, and hopefully will see some light at the end of the blogging tunnel and escape the pitfall that is, sadly, all too common on the blogosphere (a pitfall I'm afraid even Catholic blogs seem unable to avoid in the long haul). 

Note the examples I give are not unique to those sites.  It's unfortunate that they are simply indicative of what it seems goes on across most blogs.  I could have spent an entire post on the Huffpost and other such locations that make these seem tame by comparison, as I have mentioned before.

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