Friday, July 15, 2011

And that's the way it was?

So I'm off for several weeks trying to learn a new job. It ain't easy, and it ain't a sure thing.  But we'll see.  Right now here's hoping.  But blogging, as I've said, has taken a back seat to more pressing matters.  In the meantime, I've also become somewhat bothered by the tenor and tone of so many blogs out there.  I'm not sure they were ever that great, but at least some of the ones I've followed over the years have taken on a more fundamentalist stench. 

So I was wondering what, if anything, I would want to write about if I had the chance to return.  Well, first off, I want to avoid the tendency on so many blogs, including such notorious blogs as the Huffpost, of being all partisan vitriol and demagoguery.  And yet, no sooner do I sit down to take a look at things after taking an early Friday off, than I see this headline: California to require gay history in schools.

Now, someone tell me: just what the hell is 'gay history'?  Would anyone tell me?  Do we know 'gay history'?  Do we know who was and wasn't gay in history?  Will they just take people they know to be gay and look at what they did, both good and bad?  Will they assume anyone with any affection toward anyone was gay?  Will they just happen to take all of history's heroes and assume they were gay? Will they look at cultures that had various takes on homosexual  relations and look at those, both good and bad?  Or will they take any culture that was the slightest bit open toward non-heterosexual normality and paint in the most Utopian stripes?

I fear this is state sanctioned indoctrination, which is already just about there anyway.  Our public education system has made it clear that those who question non-heterosexual normality are not welcome in our school systems, any more than someone advocating evolution or questioning our Cold War policies was welcome in our schools of yesteryear.  Of course, the line between education and indoctrination has always been fiber-optically thin.  And the public schools systems of any society naturally promote the values of that society.  But as one who does not embrace the dogmas of the post Christian, post modern secular left, it doesn't warm my heart to think of the challenges that will be placed before me and my children and grandchildren in years to come.

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