Wednesday, September 13, 2017

WSJ on Feinstein's call to ban traditional Christians from holding office

Ms. Feinstein simply stands in an emerging torrent of opinions held across the spectrum: That Christianity is the enemy and those who hold its doctrines must go. This country will no longer tolerate such as them.  If you think that's an extreme interpretation, then imagine Ms. Feinstein saying that to any other people group based on ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin.

Of course not long ago, Bernie Sanders stated the same thing, much to the delight of CAIR, the largest and most vocal Islamic relations organization in America.  Clearly, a nation where Christians who hold traditional values are marginalized is a good nation.

Christian moderates, liberals and leftists imagine that this merely means 'those Christians over there.'  One of the driving forces of this brand of Christian fundamentalism (and fundamentalism it is), is the belief that Jesus was wrong.  The world wouldn't hate us because it hated Jesus first.  It would hate Jesus because those Christians over there aren't as awesome as I am.  A common lament across the moderate Christian landscape.

And so as this happens, those who have walked with the emergent Left scratch their heads.  They imagine it's no big deal.  Or it's just a couple loose cannons.  Or it's probably the fault of 'those Christians over there' for making good hearted people suggest such things.

The best thing to do here is go back and imagine that Jesus was right about more than just 'love each other and think fuzzy thoughts.'  He likely meant it when he said that the world would hate us because of Him.  And this is simply the latest example.  If we continue to stand idly by while it picks up steam, it won't be us, but our posterity who pay the price of our folly.

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