Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Will Pope Francis endorse population control?

So the Pope Francis fanbase is blowing beer out of its collective nose over Pope Francis calling MMGW (that's Man Made Global Warming) skeptics 'stupid.'  Pope Francis, in one of his legendary on-flight interviews, lays the groundwork for science's superior position in defining our moral trajectory. 

Now, it's no surprise to us stupid people that a growing number of scientific think tanks are suggesting that while curbing various forms of human activity is essential for controlling the earth's climate, no less important is the need to restrict the number of people on the planet.

So, given that science may well be on the track to concluding that the world needs fewer people, will Pope Francis go along with the flow?  Will he say this isn't airy-fairy talk, they are most clear?  Will he call people who question the connection between overpopulation and climate stupid? 

I'm curious.  Much of the progressive juggernaut rests on the ability of the Left to say 'except for all those other times, trust us, we'll never take a mile if you give us an inch.'  Already the talk of overpopulation and climate is easy to find.  If they say they will never take the next step and demand smaller families and limits to population, just wait.  Meanwhile, Pope Francis, and by extension the Church, has made it clear: Science or shut up.

But what happens when science runs afoul of the Church's teachings?  Will it still be 'Science, Ho!', it's time to reexamine Church teaching?  Or will they appeal to another common trend in modern discourse: Of course it's stupid when you do something (reject science), but obviously it's good when I do the same thing (reject science) because I'm awesome and so I'm obviously right!

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