Saturday, September 9, 2017

Weekend Fun

This post shows a lot

First, it shows that there is still some awareness on the Left that maybe, just maybe, Hillary and the Left deserve at least some blame for their loss in November.

It also suggests that standing firm on Church teaching against Brit anchors who seem to think that anyone not liberal should be banned from public office is a good thing.

And yet, hie to the comboxes, and you see the obvious:  Those to the Right are irredeemable deplorables.  It's all part of a vast, Right Wing gerrymandering Conspiracy (buttressed, of course, by those stalwarts of American traditional and conservative values, John Kasich and Arnold Schwarzenegger).  And while Hillary herself might have been flawed, the pure evil and hellish blame must always be on the Right. 

Mark tried to school Linda, but failed.  Linda echoes the same heresy that many on the Left are embracing: that salvation comes from the political Left.  Jesus might have His good points, but failure to identify with the Left warrants the same condemnation that even a British comedian's warnings can't stop. Condemnation that is deserved, whatever your particular relationship with Jesus might be.

I encourage continued checking on that post.  It will show more about the modern Left than many on the Left likely want shown. 

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