Monday, September 11, 2017

What my youngest boy will never see

Apart from pictures:

He will also never see a country come together to care about its loss.  Oh, for a few weeks it did.  But the partisanship would not stand even such an egregious assault on our nation.  By then, the rot had already set in.  The left, with vested interest in not letting the country come together, was sowing divisions even on the day of the attacks.  The late Peter Jennings lashed out at President Bush.  Al Sharpton said it was racism to suggest the terrorists were Muslim, even as the evidence rolled in.  And that was September 11, 2001. 

It went  down from there.  After a few obligatory concerts and a sing-song by politicians at the US Capital, it was business as usual.  By late October, Limbaugh was firing back at those going after the president.  It's been one, long slide down the chutes since then.

And in it all, I think we forget.  Today let us remember.  Who knows?  It might not be too late.

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