Saturday, September 9, 2017

Did I mention the Left hates America?

Yes, Virginia, the cat is out of the bag.  It has been for some time.  Most Americans, Christians, and people of sound mind could tell that the radical revolutionaries emerging in the 20th century, and especially the later half of the 20th century, loved Bolshevism, but hated America.

They denied it of course.  In fact, for the longest time, the only real evil was to suggest that those who seemed to hate America in fact hated America.

But those days are gone.  It should be clear to anyone with half a brain that the Left, or most who so identity, think of America with all the affection that Nazis reckoned Jews, or the KKK feels about Blacks.  They hate it.  Some, like Antifa, wear the proclamation as a badge of honor.

To them, from the moment that great villain Columbus came to slaughter and enslave, through the next several centuries, this fledgling civilization all but redefined evil and terror in the world.  Name a sin, and nowhere was it worse than America.  Other countries had their problems, of course.  If they couldn't be linked to America (or, in deference to the yet to be discovered New World, the Christian West), then it was downplayed, dismissed, or even excused on 'cultural' grounds.

But once the first Europeans begin settling east of the Mississippi, true darkness covered the lands, and continued to until the mid-20th century.

So we have this story, told purely from that angle.  It is not a story of a man whose family fled his own country in order to achieve success here, who had to overcome prejudices while becoming one of the most beloved artists of the 20th century that nobody ever heard of (note: most don't know Disney artists by name other than Uncle Walt).

No, read the tag:
The late Tyrus Wong, whose paintings formed the basis of Disney’s iconic film, is finally receiving the recognition he deserves. Seventy-five years after “Bambi,” Wong is the subject of an “American Masters” film on PBS, a documentary portrait that reveals how he overcame a harrowing immigration process and years of racism in the United States to become one of the most prolific artists in recent memory.
I've read stories about Jews fleeing the Nazis that sounded less harrowing.  Nothing positive except his own praiseworthy accomplishments.  It's as if he did this all despite the unparalleled evils of America, rather than because he came to America.

This is important.  First, to define the entire history of the US as one of history's great evils, it justifies throwing down everything that was identified with the historic US.  That includes, but is not limited to, a Christian moral framework, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, or any artifact from that era of perpetual midnight.

As a bonus, it also makes the modern Leftist revolutionaries seem all the more brave and righteous.  The worse the US is, the greater the victory in overthrowing it.  Plus, if - as is likely - their great revolution becomes yet one more sad example of Orwellian promises soon broken, they can always insist that no matter how bad their regime, it was always worse under that Great Satan of a nation, the USA.

This is the force that a growing number of Americans, including Catholics and Christians in general, feel is the safer bet to side with.  Of course America was a land of bigotry.  Bigotry is the lifeblood of any civilization.  Every civilization populated by fallen human beings has to have a 'them' to point to.  In our case, it was lag-over from Europe's own bigotry (and Islam's, too) that was used to justify its enslavement and colonization of most of the known world.

It still exists today.  Both left and right, American and non.  But as is usual, when something like Confession is ripped from its Christian moorings and used as a weapon rather than a grace, it becomes a tool for evils.  A weapon to replace old bigotries with even better ones.  For the Left has shown its willingness to be as racist, sexist and antisemitic as anyone.  Add to that new bigotries as well, and you'll have a nation that our children will inherit that will be many things, but free will not be one.

By the way, I get that the whole purpose of the article is to link it to the horrible notion that people should come to America legally.  It laments the plight of illegal immigrants who work the fields, the tech companies and the halls of Ivy League universities while Euro-Americans watch their own futures dwindle.  Which is good of course.  Remember, all civilizations thrive on bigotry, and we know which race, ethnicity, religion and national origin deserves what it gets.  Five gets you ten how many will miss just what group is now in the cross hairs.  They'll assume it must be about those types over there.

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