Monday, September 11, 2017

A thousand times yes

You'd think this was some faux speech from an Orwellian novel.  But it isn't.  It's someone speaking to the very real designs of the emergent Left in our country today. 

The Left has let its disguises fall.  It is Marxist inspired, Communist yearning, pining for a totalitarian state that dangles sex and drugs in front of the population while eroding every other liberty or freedom while at the same time eradicating the last vestiges of Christianity from society. Get them obsessed with sex and drugs, and freedom is an easy thing to steal.

That the Left, with Hollywood and the media, joined by academia, has been able to convince an entire generation of youngsters that freedom must go - as long as they get what they want - shows the power of propaganda.   Obviously part of the power rests in the fact that those same institutions - media, art, education - once standing against such tyranny and threats to liberty are now happily on the side of oppression.

There is still plenty of time to stop the regress.  But as many, including Christians, feel that joining with the Left is the more prudent course of action, it makes me wonder how much longer we have until we pass that point of no return.

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