Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Sad Truth


In case you missed it, a week or so ago, Carron Phillips, a broadcaster working for an outlet called Deadspin, saw a picture of this 9 year old in profile, showing only the blackened side of his face.  Immediately he went on a tirade, yelling blackface, racism, the Death Star blows up Alderaan, the usual for modern social activism.  He demanded the NFL speak out against this naked display of racism. 

The parents of the child, immediately beset with threats and insults and personal attacks against them and their son, responded that Mr. Phillips missed the full picture.  He's merely wearing the colors of the team.  Plus, they themselves are Native American. 

That did no good, and the brave Mr. Phillips hunkered down, screaming trauma and terror upon minority groups everywhere.  Soon Native American activists were asked their opinions.  Some supported the family, others distanced themselves, warning against cultural appropriation.  Still others outright disavowed the family altogether. 

Meanwhile fans became divided, with many expressing anger at the family for such a racist costume, while others defended him, noting the colors are the team colors, and often seen in people who dress up for the team.  While others said it was a subtle dig, since there has been pressure against the Chiefs because 21st Century America. 

And all over a nine year old in a costume.  That's the embarrassingly low status we've been reduced to as a society.  This is why the 9/11 Attacks were everything Japan had hoped Pearl Harbor would be but wasn't.  Because the generation that Japan attacked realized the ones who did this were the enemy:

While our generation, and our courageous and bold societal leaders, think the one who does this is the enemy: 


  1. This is how things were in the old Soviet Union for eighty years, with hysterical denunciations and punishments for anyone who even appeared to step out of line. This isn't America anymore; this is the People's Republic of Sh-- Hole.

    1. Well that's blunt, and I wish I could argue. Sadly, we are a pretty low society, continually fed stark idiocy and encouraged to reach the lowest possible standards. Strangely, encouraged by those who didn't do such things in order to get to their positions of influence. It makes you wonder.

  2. If Chiefs fans knew what was good for this situation, they would have face painting stations at every entrance and paint everyone's faces when they came in the doors.

    1. There has been backlash from what I can tell. It's tough, because mainstream news outlets are all but ignoring this, as they do when something might make the cause look stupid. But the fact that these detractors are going after a nine year old as if they're some brave warriors wading ashore at the beach shows just how low and miserable our society has become. Again, Cliff Clavin is a fun character, but you don't want him running the institutions of your country.


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