Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Do this

I received a notice from the local Republican party on Facebook.  I responded that before I do or support anything, I'd like to seem them, you know, do something.  I reminded them that when the Christopher Columbus statues in Columbus were Talibanned, they boldly declared that they would swoop in, grab them, and set them up around the state.  Where are they?  Right now the pro-choice machine is pushing Issue 1, which would enshrine abortion as a constitutional right in Ohio.  Already I've seen weeks of commercials, flier handouts, promotions and interviews pushing the issue.  I have yet to see anything from the opposition - either pro-life organizations or the GOP.   Our bishop is the only one I've seen pounding the table on resisting this. 

Too often that is how the resistance to what we call 'The Left' tends to be.  Always next year, then the resistance.  Someday we'll stake a stand.  We won't take much more of this.  By golly, one more and that will do it.  And yet we've gone from 'why can't a man and woman have sex outside of marriage' to 'you're damn right we'll alter the bodies of your adolescents and we'll use the State to prevent you from stopping us.'  Yet where is that fabled resistance?  What line is it we're waiting for them to cross?  Murdering our kid?  Gas chambers?  Just what are we waiting for?

This came to my mind because that particular GOP message was sent after this weekend.  If you're a college football fan, then you've probably heard about the post game interview with OSU coach Ryan Day.  Ohio State won a nailbiter of a game on Saturday.  Underdog to the Fighting Irish, it looked for most of the game like the predictions were accurate.  We would lose. So far this year our team has looked lackluster, and that included the first three quarters of the game Saturday night against Notre Dame.  We started the season with dueling quarterbacks, which is never good. And the quarterback we chose has been under-impressive, to be blunt. 

Despite Ryan Day being, in terms of percentages, one of the winningest college football coaches of all time, the big games have eluded him. True, the game against Clemson was lost on what I admit is the single worst call in football history.  But he's lost other big games as well.  And worse for any Buckeye fan, he has now lost two games in a row against Michigan.  That makes him the first OSU coach since John Cooper to do so. Therefore, no matter how pretty the stats, there has been a cloud over his tenure.  And in Ohio State Buckeye Fan parlance, that is translated as 'fire him, fire him now.'  

That wasn't helped going into this week, when most pundits and analysts concluded Ohio State didn't have a chance.  None other than legendary Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz said we weren't just going to lose, but we were going to lose because we aren't physical enough. We're soft.  Which is why we can't beat the big teams.  For OSU's fabled football program, that hurt. 

But again, most of the game looked that way.  Then, in the fourth quarter, with minutes left, down by four points, and seemingly unable to do anything well, the team hunkered down for some serious bump and grind football that would have made the late Bear Bryant proud.  Our new and sheepish quarterback completed one clutch pass after another, completing some in ways that were unbelievable.  We pushed our way down, overcoming perhaps the most convoluted Grounding call I've ever seen, and ended up on the one foot line.  Three seconds left, and we shoved our way into the end zone for a game winning touchdown. 

After the game, the obligatory interview with the winning coach took place. If we weren't ready for the heart-pounding victory that night, we were flabbergasted when coach Ryan Day responded to the reporter's question:

For context, Day has developed the reputation of being a rather 'blah' coach in interviews.  It's as if he's so scared he'll say anything, he usually ends up saying nothing.  Some reporters have called him the anti-Woody Hayes.  I'll admit, though I typically enjoy after game reporting, I've often ignored or just turned off the broadcasts because he hasn't been worth listening to.  It's all so - dull.

But my, oh my.  Naturally not everyone is happy, including detractors who have responded with the usual 'how dare you talk back to us after we called you losers.'  Some Buckeye's aren't either, but then Ohio State fans are a notoriously tough audience to please no matter what you do.  But not a few people - Ohio State fans and otherwise - have perked up and said it  was nice to see.  It was nice to see Day come out of his shell.  It was nice to see a coach be honest and passionate.  And most Ohio State fans  I know are tickled pink.  It's been since Woody Hayes that we've seen that much raw energy or intense support for the team.  

All of this came to my mind with that GOP post.  Whatever you think about Day's coaching interview above, that is exactly what people who see the crumbling of our civilization want from those who are supposed leaders of the resistance.  Whether politicians, pundits, activists, religious leaders, or whatever, that's what we're waiting for.  Why do we think so many Americans keep clinging to Trump?  

What we want is someone with the above passion, without feeling like we are compromising our values.  Someone who can clearly, honestly, bluntly and passionately rally the troops to stop what we're seeing.  We want leaders who will, like Day, stand up and defend our values, our heritage, our faith, our history, our heroes and ourselves.  Give us that, oh local GOP, and we will follow you anywhere.  The same goes for our bishops.  The same goes for anyone who will stand up to resist the madness and the coming darkness.


  1. (Tom New Poster)
    There is much to dislike in Napoleon, but he would grab the flag from the fallen standard bearer and lead his troops across a bridge, to his eternal honor as a soldier. That's why men followed him. We have too many Ward Cleaver Republicans; we need George S. Patton.

    1. I think they are called 'Sheep in wolves' clothing'. Too many of those we thought we could trust have turned out that way.

    2. (Tom New Poster)
      And I'm not knocking the Ward Cleavers, who did good service in other times and places. Today we need fighters.

  2. I regret that I'm a little too well acquainted with that thought. After Trump won the 2016 election, two or three different Democrat groups decided to protest at a major street corner the following spring. Growing weary of seeing this, I and a couple of ladies decided to organize a pro-Trump rally in the same place. We emailed both a local college Republican group on a larger in-state campus and the local party leadership. We figured a bit of grass-roots effort mixed with party membership and some youthful involvement would be good.
    Neither responded.
    So, while we'd had some three different pro-Democrat protests consisting of upwards of 20 people each, we treated people to... one protest of 3 people for the Republicans.
    For all that this has long been a red-leaning state, it's not entirely surprising that this metro area has gone blue the last few elections. ...and then a Congressman--and former Air Force general--votes for a more "moderate" approach a few times.
    *shakes head*
    I get it that this city has long had strong Democrat leanings. ..I ALSO get it that such circumstance will not change if we don't make an effort to pound pavement or fight for ideas we believe.
    As you indicate, I'm not going to get excited and passionate about being a Republican until leadership decides they're prepared for a knock-down, drag out political fight.
    It makes no sense to be individually feisty if the leadership act like wet noodles.
    ...and the archibishop is equally anemic....

    1. Speaking of, I just received another big 'Get out and vote against Issue 1' from the local GOP. I responded that I didn't need them to tell me this. They need to tell the State. They are doing nothing by just sending the same talking points to their mailing lists. They need to invest and put up a fight. Though I've said it before and apparently my suggestions don't carry much weight at the local GOP.

  3. I'm not much of a sports guy, but dang if that video didn't bring a tear to my eye. That's what leadership is all about - sticking up your boys - being a shepherd for your flock.

    I was just now watching this video here and as Chris talks about what we should do to help men & women (praising mothers, building up men) all I can think about is: how is the church not all over this? At some point I practically get sick of hearing about all the great things the church did through history. Well what about now? Where is it now? There are entire generations growing up who need what the church is uniquely positioned to provide. It can be honest with women and help them understand how glorious motherhood is. It can provide guidance for boys in helping them find purpose in life. (can you imagine if the Pope suddenly called for another crusade? asked for volunteers to go accomplish something like soldiers?) It can also provide opportunities for the two to mix and learn to love each other. This goes beyond just the Catholics, where are the Orthodox and Protestants in this too? We're past one lost sheep, there's entire flocks wandering out there in need, right. now. and all I seem to hear from leadership is crickets.

    I know there are a precious few out there realizing this and trying to do what they're supposed to. With them I'll stand - there's a real faith.

    1. I'm not sure what happened, except we allowed the virtues worth celebrating to be tossed out the window, and then assumed there wouldn't be consequences for doing so. We thought things would just chug along as normal, without noticing things crumbling around us. Now that we see, it will take a big bunch of sacrifice to set it straight, and I don't know that we're equal to the task. But every now and then you see what we need, and if we had religious leaders or GOP pols acting this passionately - without the compromises needed with Trump - I think we could see a turn around. But it will take those leaders ready to pay it all.


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