Monday, January 23, 2023

Step Two

We've already watched the developments in medically altering the bodies of young people based on  the transgender narrative of no objective gender:  

Step one: Nobody is suggesting we should teach minors about changing their bodies to fit their preferred gender identity.  

Step two: Sure we're talking to minors about this, but nobody is trying to change the bodies of minors.

Step three: It's great that we're increasingly using science to alter the bodies of minors based on transgender theory!  Though we will never do such a thing without the parents knowing about it. 

So now we see the second offensive in this little battle.  This one deals with parents' rights.  It's the same basic three step tactic we've seen a million times.  Start with insisting this movement will never do something.  At some point muddy the water a bit.  Finally rejoice that the we're doing what we were told would never happen.  Thus:   

Step one: Sure we're medically altering the bodies of minors.  But nobody is altering the bodies of minors without their parents' consent.

Step two: Hey, should parents be part of their children's decision to change their gender based on transgender theory? 

See how that works?  If I had a dollar - even fifty cents - for every time liberalism has said it only wants an inch but will never take a mile, only to take ten miles down the road, I could buy Twitter.  Thus Step Three will be when we're told it's a great thing that parents are sent to the cornfield for thinking they should have say about their kids' bodies. 

By now it is so routine that you can bet your bank account on it.  Because it should be obvious that when a liberal movement says it will never go somewhere, that somewhere is exactly where it intends to go. 


  1. Yep. Others notice it too.

    That's why I suspect the Left always loves the young (who haven't lived long enough to see it repeat) and social media which plays at distraction to keep you from remembering this is all repeating.

    1. Yep. Social media is the ultimate distraction. It's also a great place for hivemind. That's why I like TAC, because at least it still allows robust debate and disagreements. Something more and more seem to despise, which is what allows such crazy as we're seeing.


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