Tuesday, April 5, 2022

It isn't racism, it's winning

Winning for the ever creeping post-reality narrative of transgender normality.  At the end of the day, the entire transgender revolution is nothing other than O'Brien insisting he's holding up five fingers.  And how glad is the State to see so many - politicians, journalists, scientists, intellectuals, celebrities, and religious leaders - stumble over each other to declare that gender is one of those mysteriously complicated subjects at best, an abstract unreality based on our latest version of the latest at worst.

The article is supposedly about the head medical official in NYC slighting white women by only referring to white mothers as 'birthing people', while calling minorities the classic term for people who have babies: mothers.  The article on Fox stirs the outrage by referencing a Twitter post or two and suggesting there is some global backlash.  

But it's all wrapped up in the idea that what made this bad was that she discriminated in her terminology based on skin color.  No.  What makes it bad is that she is a medical expert proclaiming that O'Brien was always holding up five fingers, and it's time all who would serve the rising Power confess the same.  That is the story.  Because once you have men giving birth, going back to Jim Crow levels of hate and bigotry is the easiest step you'll ever take, even if it's directed against a whole new ethnic group this time around. 

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