Monday, October 12, 2020

To celebrate Columbus Day

You could do worse than take a look at this fine post at The American Catholic.  I won't detract from remembering the good by focusing on the bad.  Just let it be known that as far back as my third grade year - 1975 - we learned the bad, and even the bad regarding Columbus, just the same.  We also celebrated the good.  At that stage, multiculturalism had not taken hold and we still learned that for all its sins, the Christian West was a net boon for the world.   Today we are told the opposite, and youngsters believe the opposite.  Where that will go I don't know.  But a sane and realistic - and dare I say, Christian - look back at Columbus and what he did might be a great way to stop the mental bleeding.

I will say something my boys pointed out, since in our neck of the woods our Democratic mayor and city council in Columbus have removed statues of Columbus.  Especially regarding those who substitute Columbus Day with National Indigenous Persons Day - isn't it odd they celebrate entire cultures who openly did what they're blasting Columbus for doing?  Clearly his problem wasn't slavery or imperialism or conquering people.  That was done aplenty in the Americas long before Columbus.  It must  be because he helped bring Christianity and the West to these shores, both of which the modern Left is now against.  Given the Left's zeal for abortion, it's obvious why those cultures' human sacrifice isn't something that keeps them from being celebrated, that's for sure. 

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