Saturday, September 12, 2015

Anderson Cooper reminds us of the power of liberalism

The power of liberalism is to assume liberalism and truth are one and the same.  To not embrace a liberal mindset is to, by default, be either stupid, evil, or both.  And of course wrong.  So Anderson Cooper, based completely on a single, liberal and secularized understanding of, well, everything, takes apart Mike Huckabee over Huckabee's opposition to gay marriage and the imprisonment of Kim Davis over her Christian beliefs running afoul of of the non-Christian based laws that Cooper advocates.

As I tell my boys, the difference between conservatives and liberals is simple.  Conservatives believe they are right and everyone else is wrong.  Liberals know they are right and everyone else is either stupid or evil.

Watch and enjoy.  Again, someday it will be illegal to be Christian unless your Christaintiy, like everything else, is brought down to kneel before the gospel of liberalism.  This is only a a warning shot.

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