Thursday, July 24, 2014


On this from a post regarding the Death Penalty.
"Although the church allowed for and still in some fashion allows for the death penalty - what the church teaches can be changed - not doctrine but how it is to be understood." (Emphasis mine)
What does that say?  What the church teaches can be changed.  How it is to be understood.  Personally, I've never known a religious tradition that says otherwise.  Which probably means there's something other than just this that makes a difference in how a religious tradition approaches things.  But I thought it was a fresh statement, honest.  How a great many Catholics see things today.  Maybe not wrong.  But worth thinking on. 


  1. What was that you said once about the "paper" church vs "actual" church? ;)

  2. Yeah, I'm coming to the point of admitting there is Catholicism, the Catholic Church, and Catholics. The three not always being the same.


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