Sunday, July 6, 2014


Fr. Longenecker links to a story buzzing about on the internet regarding two gay men manufacturing a baby for themselves the old fashioned way.  But the good father sets aside the multiple ethic questions that permeate the story to focus on a line in the story.  The mother who carried the the baby for the men in question is referred to as 'an unrelated gestational carrier.'   Whew.  How heart warming.

It reminds me of an old Bloom County cartoon where Opus the penguin is in a panic about the drastically changing times (that being Reagan's 80s). In the end, he can lean on only one safe haven of comfort in the tidal crashes of our modern age: motherhood.  He finds a pregnant woman and leans against her, sighing.  And in the last frame, the woman blandly responds - "surrogate".

Have I mentioned that we're seeing the bedrock of future holocausts before our eyes?  The saddest part is that it will be our children and their children who pay the price for our lunacy and apathy and arrogant inaction.

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