Saturday, August 13, 2011

Boardwalk just isn't worth it

FWIW category.  I've long said that scooping up the low cost, low rent properties as early on as possible is the key to victory in the classic game Monopoly.  Turns out at least one math guru has run the numbers and concluded that's not as far off as some might think.  He at least agreed with me that those who obsess about Boardwalk and Park Place are not sure things when it comes to victory.  Also worth noting, buying up those Orange spaces like Tennessee and New York Avenue are worth the money.  Why?  They are landed on more than others because people leaving jail will inevitably land on them in addition to normal chances.  Oh, and hats off to my wife who insists the Railroads are really all that.  Despite being the son of a Railroad Engineer, my faith in the Railroads was always skittish.  But turns out they are a good buy, but with diminishing returns, as they can't keep up with the income levels once hotels enter the scene.  Altogether a fun article.  And maybe one that wouldn't hurt our nation's leaders to read, and a game that would be worth their while to play.

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