Monday, July 9, 2018

Vox reminds us that the Left hates America

Because parliaments work better than our government, thus says Vox
It's true.  If I told one of my sons I wish he never existed - or if I told anyone such a thing for that matter - it would not be seen as a token of love on my part.  Most would not say, "Gee Dave, you obviously love that person!"  Well, Dylan Matthews, at hard leftist rag Vox, lays out why July 4th should be a day or mourning.  Why?  Because the world would be a better place if America didn't exist.  At least if America hadn't split from England.

Now the reasons should be cliché by this point.  Slavery and treatment of American Indians are two of the reasons.  We'll get to that in a moment.  The third reason is the claim that a parliamentary form of government like England's is better than the one we have.  I'll go ahead and let those more versed in Constitutional law and history to debate that last one.  Given what I've seen in some countries that had similar forms of goverment to England (cough, Germany 1930s), I'd say that's a bit 'grass is greener' thinking.

But back to the slavery and American Indian issue.  This is not to say what America did was right.  This is to say what America did was common to human history.   It was common among American and Central American Indian culture, and it was common outside of America.  Slavery was universal.  England might have made actual slavery illegal before America did, and without a Civil War.  But it would spend the rest of the 19th century embarking on a massive acquisition of the world from its rightful owners, subjugating its colonial populations to second rate status, forcing them to work the empire,  and treating them about one step better than slaves.  All of which was based on a similarly racist notion of that famous White Man's burden.

And England wasn't the only country of course.  It was just the best at it. Other countries tried to catch up with England by grabbing their own part of the global pie. Sure, America tried, too.  It's noteworthy that America tired to get in on the Global Empire act just like Europe, once slavery was a thing of the past.  And that didn't just happen in Europe.

By the 19th century, Europe was on the assent.  But it had only been a century or two earlier that other cultures were happily trying to smash through European barriers and do the same thing.  When England was coming to our shores in the 17th century, the Ottoman Empire was knocking on Europe's door, hoping to to the same thing to Europe that happened in America.  Only because Europe was able to resist did the same thing not happen to them.  The same could be said for what went on among Native American populations long before Europeans came to these shores.  Taking what belongs to one's neighbor is as universal as slavery.  And as Russia recently demonstrated in the Ukraine, it's no more a done thing than slavery, which today is euphemistically called Human Trafficking.

So this notion that we would be better off if we didn't exist draws on this laughably idiotic lie about history that says America is the only country that ever conquered land or owned slaves.  Nobody else did it.  Or if they did it, it's OK, because conquest and slavery and imperialism are beautiful, as long as you're not America. 

This piece is not based on facts, history, common sense, truth, or any such thing.  The Left is a revolution, just like the revolutions of the last couple hundred years.  And since Marx and Communism play such a big part in the heart and mind of many on the Left, they intend the same thing that Communist revolutions achieved, and that's the eradication of the society they seize.  Unlike the Founding Fathers, who merely dealt with a couple issues and otherwise sought to keep the best of the culture in which they lived, the Leftist revolutions are like a plague of locusts.  They come in to destroy.

And that's the point.  The Left wants to overthrow America.  To that end, it must teach hatred of America.  America must be uniquely evil and 100% worthless.  So things like this, that are easily debunked, become the narrative of the day.  Despite the ease with which it is debunked, it is becoming the version of history more and more are taught.  Parliamentary systems always work better than our government?  Tell that to European Jews in the 30s.  Slavery was only in America?  Tell that to the countries that labored under British rule throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.  Tell that to a million Africans who were killed by Belgium in the 20th.  Tell that to Africans who continued to live under Islamic slavery until the 20th century.  Americans, unlike anyone else, conquered the Indians?  Tell that to Europeans who lived under Islamic rule for centuries.  Tell that to Ukrainians today.

Like most things on the Left, it's a bag of lies wrapped in dumb, hoping for ignorance, and based on denial.


  1. Others do appreciate America (and the west) still.

    I think I may declare the '10s (or just the 21st century) as the "period of Outsiders" because I've heard more defenses for things like Catholicism, and America, and so many other examples from those outside the thing defended than from those who live within it.

    1. Yeah, it's quite amazing. I'm reminded of a Catholic priest who was visiting from W. Africa. We were chatting about this and that. It came to the 9/11 attacks. He said he remembered that. The day it happened, he wept and despaired. I asked why. He said that if America was gone, that was it for the world. Most of the world would gladly go back 500 years in terms of rights and freedoms and human dignity. It's only America (and the West overall) that keeps things at bay. But then an old pal from Nigeria once told me that he couldn't figure why Americans seemed to want to make America worse than it was. That was in the early 90s. So it isn't exactly new.


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