Monday, July 2, 2018

Remember all those nationwide protests against immigrant deportations under Obama?

No?  Neither do I.   Perhaps it happened.  I know the press did mention the deportations and family separations that occurred during the Obama years were sometimes covered.  Right wing and Left wing media mentioned it.  Stories here and there.  Some liberals were upset.  Sort of.  They got upset.  A bit.  c. 2014.

Of course today it's Holocaust! It's Auschwitz!  ICE is Gestapo!  Hitler/Trump!  Babies being tortured and killed!  Billions are dying!  To war!

The media does this.  Did it cover Obama's immigration deportations and the various issues, such as the separation of families back in the day?  Yeah.  Hear and there.  But this has become Puff Immigrant!  24/7!  Headlines!  Inflamed rhetoric!   Drop the most horrific adjectives!  Assume the worst motives!  Find the worst images! Rally the base!  It's time to exploit that human suffering for the cause...

And those who see the advantage of exploiting the problems snap to it and rally to the banner.  Christians, too.  They are being taught well the doctrine that the sanctity of human life stops dead where its advantage to the political Left ceases.  If Hillary Clinton was president, and all other things equal, you wonder how far down on the reporting meter this issue would be.

Oh, and as for the 'Make America Care' again signs, how about all the tears shed for those families who lost loved ones to illegal immigration?  Or even the families and children who died en route to the US?  Anything there?  I know, everyone says those families were just cheaply exploited by Trump for political gain.  So?  They're still families who suffered.  Do we really think there isn't exploitation going on now?  Should that mean we should therefore not care about immigrants?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could get anyone to say we should care equally about both?  That we should care about the Lest of These born on either side of the border? Heck, I'm not sure we can lay that claim on Pope Francis!  What's wrong with the world?

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