Monday, July 9, 2018

Apparently science was wrong about everything

At least in terms of sex and sexuality.  That is if the modern Left has anything to say about the matter:

Because all of this rubbish about the male and female of the species, and sex and procreation, and how all of these things evolved, was apparently a giant fail for science.  All of those decades and generations of scientists saying that the sexes evolved differently, that sexual differences were real, that there was a male and female of the species down to the DNA, and that the interaction of them was procreative by design, turned out to be bunk.  

I ask you.  If science could be so catastrophically wrong as to miss something so near and dear and obvious, why believe anything they say now?  It seemed as if they had overwhelming evidence to support their case for the differences between sexes and the relationship to procreation.  Nobody ever seemed to challenge the notion that there were real and substantive differences between the sexes, or that sex actually existed beyond the mind.  Now they say none of it means anything.  There is no sex or gender.  There is only anatomy.  There is only what an individual wishes gender or sex to be.  Turns out they were wrong all along - all of them - and they're finally discovering what everyone wants to know. 

If, of course, the evidence was true, and the "scientists" today are merely buckling to overwhelming social pressure, just as scientists proved Blacks were inferior, Jews a threat to the Fatherland, homosexuality a mental disorder, and women at risk for achieving orgasms - all of which were supposedly the result of scientists buckling under the pressures of the day - is it safe to say science it not some magical fantasy-land where it's just all real objective truth as explained by real objective scientists who are always right?  Is it safe to say only a fool would turn to science to be the final arbiter of what is and isn't real, since clearly scientists can spin things as easily as a political pundit?  Fool me once after all.  

Either way, I feel a sudden drop in the reliability of science and the scientists who study it.  Perhaps a paraphrase of King Edward Longshanks from the movie Braveheart says it best: The problem with science is, it's full of scientists. 

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