Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Samantha Bee Show continues to impress

So one of the writers has come out and bemoaned civility as a tool of white supremacy.  I mean, let's face it, we would all be laughing our butts off at the stark raving madness on the Left if it weren't for the fact that it has so many friends in high places.

Remember, in the early days of Adolf, many dismissed him as some raving lunatic with a Charlie Chaplin mustache.  Fifteen years later people weren't laughing anymore.  Am I saying that this radical element, left unchecked, could end up with such carnage and suffering and evil under its belt?  Sure.  Why not?

I think if white supremacists, racist nationalists or other radicals on the Right were somehow able to wiggle into power, the same evil and misery would result.  And not just for non-whites it's worth pointing out.

But again, and again, and I'll say it one more time, the radicals on the Right are immediately smacked down by the institutions that exist to protect us from such a fate.  Even now, headline news will keep up with the latest from Charlottesville, despite it being a year ago.  Even right leaning policies enacted from our government will receive overwhelming scrutiny and media critiques.  Heck, right now the retirement of moderate swing Justice Kennedy has warranted 24/7 coverage warning of a conservative tsunami.

But the radicals on the Left?  Hardly.  Whether it be Antifa, other Alt-Left movements, or simply those like the good people at Full Frontal with Samantha Bee who make it clear they hate non-conformers and think there simply are no rules for civility or ethics when it comes to attacking their hated enemies.  And guess what?  You won't find such things on most - if any - mainstream outlets. Heck, even the news that did surround her dig at Trump's daughter was in the form of a 'sure it seemed sort of bad, but could there be an argument?' framework.  You know.  We don't think calling women the C-Word is necessarily good, but could there be cases where it's justified, like if the woman is conservative (that is, evil irredeemably deplorable)?

That's why the Left is far more dangerous than the Right.  Many in Europe (and America) downplayed the rise of the National Socialists of Germany on the basis that they were ardently anti-Communist.  Thinking people had already seen the threat of Communism and how destructive and dangerous it could be.  But they took their eyes off the ball, and fifty million dead later, we saw their error.

Sure the radicals on the right are dangerous.  So are the radicals on the Left.  But unlike the radicals on the Right, who must march and gather and meet in hotel conference rooms in darkened corners, the Left enjoys membership in some of our most influential and powerful venues, basking in the glow of the beloved cultural spotlight.  If we miss that fact, whatever happens down the road will be on us.


  1. Another example: What about the attacks on Steve Scalise or Rand Paul? I heard some reminders about the latter because he lives in my hometown and it's local news the ongoing issue (oh yeah, he was also apparently threatened - AGAIN), but I haven't seen anything on the national news.

    Does anybody actually believe that a similar attack on Dem politicians by right-leaning people wouldn't be reported around the clock on the run up to election this year?

    1. But those were when you can't blame someone's ideology for their actions. This isn't Tucson, when you can blame someone's actions on ideologies he doesn't hold. It's all very complicated.


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