Thursday, July 5, 2018

Hamilton the Musical canceled due to Cultural Appropriation

Ha!  Fooled you.  Did you really think that could be true?  Cultural Appropriation is possibly the most stupid thing to arise in a generation defined by stupid.  But it is a one way street, as the smash hit and venerated Hamilton musical, in which the lead role of white American founder Alexander Hamilton is portrayed by a decidedly non-white actor, has demonstrated.

When we say cultural appropriation, what we mean is that people with white skin have no business even looking at what other cultures and civilizations have produced.  It doesn't matter why they would do it.  It doesn't matter if it's celebrating, or paying homage to, or paying respects to those cultures or civilizations.  If you are white, you can't touch those.

That's what happened at the Montreal jazz festival when a mostly white cast was billed to perform songs written by African American slaves as a tribute to the use of music by those so oppressed and beaten down by such forces as slavery and racism.  Problem?  Reread what I just wrote.  A "mostly white cast".  That's what did it. How dare performers with white skin sing the songs of African slaves!

It being the world dominated by the postmodern Left, the retribution was swift and merciless.  So in the name of censorship, the performance was promptly canceled.  The performer herself acquiesced and apologized for blaspheming the modern tolerance.  The jazz festival organizers bowed repeatably and begged forgiveness.

Again, cultural appropriation has, in many ways, been what made our world what it is today.  Even in my most critical courses studying European history, the highlights were often when Europeans or Americans appreciated, and borrowed, from the contributions of other cultures.  Without appropriation of culture, we wouldn't have jazz for that matter.

But this is today, the 21st century, the age of Idiocy.  If it is logical, common sense, good or virtuous, bet your bottom dollar it will be crushed by the Left's never-ending openness and tolerance.


  1. I think the dankest meme about this I heard was, "If we can't appropriate your culture -then you can't appropriate ours.

    Give us back our plumbing."

    I guess I just believed the "we're all humans" argument too much and that it was to our benefit to share everything we could.

    1. Or our light bulbs, our airplanes, our rockets, our medicine, our electricity, our freedom, our democracy, and on and on.


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