Tuesday, July 3, 2018

I wonder if John Adams is repenting from Heaven yet

Let's face it, we've made a mess of things.  So far the only thing Christians in America have to put on our resume is 1) watching the 2500 year long march toward freedom, liberty and Democracy waver and disintegrate under our feet and 2) stand watch during perhaps the greatest exodus from the Christian Faith in the 2000 years since the Apostles trod the earth.  Our big defense is convincing ourselves, against all logic and reality, that our heritage was the only real force of evil in the world, so everyone will be better off when it's gone the way of the butter churn. Not a great legacy if you think about it.

I sometimes think that is why presentism, and a harsh, almost cruel judgmentalism and quick condemnation of the past, has become so prevalent in our age.  When those two resume fillers are your big accomplishment as a generation, what choice do you have but find fault in those who came before?  I suppose it helps take the focus off of the stellar legacy we continue to build and our own problems we continue to ignore.

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