Thursday, July 5, 2018

Breaking News: Temperatures in the high 80s is not a heat wave

At least not in Central Ohio.  High 80s in July is par for the course.   Heck, days in the 90s are not unusual.  Sure, if you hit multiple days in the mid or high 90s, you're going to have a heat wave.  But only then, and that assumes heat indexes in the high 90s or even low 100s.  Then you have a heat wave.

But despite constant local weather forecasts warning us of dangerous heat conditions, heat stroke, dying of heat, and the multiple safety precautions needed to stay alive, we've only had a few days above 90, and only one in the mid range.  One day over the last four we hit 94.  The rest 91 or the high 80s.  Tuesday we heard tell of how we would enter dangerous realms of heat, even as the weather forecast admitted it would likely not make it past the high 80s - likely 88.  It made it to 90!

Sorry, but this is hysterics for hysterics sake. I'm not saying other parts of the country aren't having it.  Though when we took a family trip out West in the late 70s,  I remember being in New Mexico when the temperature was 113 degrees.  I remember because we stopped at a rest area to have lunch.  I remember choking down the bologna sandwich and hearing the radio station broadcast the temperature.  It was hot.

Likewise, I remember having plenty of days above 90s growing up.  I also remember having days under 75 (the threshold for going swimming).  But it's nothing big, and nothing new.  High 80s are not a heat wave.  Even low 90s days do not make a heat wave.  And it certainly isn't because of Global Warming.  You don't get to call something that isn't (not a heat wave) and then have a segment on how the heat wave (which isn't because high 80s and low 90s isn't a heat wave) is due to Global Warming.

Why are there sane people skeptical about Global Warming?  Listen to those advocating it.  It's a heat wave when it isn't, and that proves Global Warming!  I wouldn't buy a used car from someone like that, much less be willing to overthrow our concept of humanity and human civilization over it.

I have to admit, as a matter of confession, we've had a lot of fun watching the local weathermen try to keep the hysterics up when the temperatures haven't cooperated.  It was supposed to be in the high 90s yesterday, but the most it got was the low 90s for only a brief moment, and after a cold front came through, it went down to the low 80s.  And yet they still had segments on how to survive the fireworks and parades!  After all, it's a whopping three degrees away from the 70s.  If that's not a heatwave that proves Global Warming, I don't know what will.

UPDATE: The fun continues as the local news has spent most of the day with stories about the heat, the heat wave, the dangers of the heat.  They say it's the Heat Index.  I'm not sure why the Heat Index is all of a sudden so high.  It's in the low 90s/high 80s, but they insist the Heat Index is in the 100s, over 110 in some areas.  How the Heat Index makes the temperature go up over 20 degrees I don't know, especially when it's partly cloudy and not terribly humid.  I guess despite the fact that it doesn't feel so bad, it must be horrible.  All of the people they're interviewing say they're barely surviving, and the news casters are warning us of impending death, so hysterics should be the reaction. 

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