Saturday, December 4, 2010

You say it's my birthday?

Then you'd be correct.  Birthday weekend, fun stuff and family times, so blogging will be light to nil.  Thanks to all who are visiting regularly.  Also to any new guests of the blog, welcome!  Feel free to become a Follower.  I think the tab is working now.  The more followers, well, I'm not sure what it does.  But I'm sure it has to do with large endorsement contracts with shaving cream companies.  In any event, I'll be back on Monday (unless something really big and comment-worthy comes up in the meantime).  See y'all then. 

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this little anecdote.  Even though when I was growing up I tried a couple sports here and there, I was never what you would call a natural athlete.  Part of it was an almost embarrassing lack of competitiveness. I was always ready to go straight to surrender.  So it is somewhat nice that a couple of my boys have picked up on sports.  For those who haven't, I'm fine with that.  Whatever they want to do, I hope to support each one with the same enthusiasm. 

Nonetheless, our third boy is quite the athlete.  Not that he's the best.  He often doesn't know much about sports, owing to my own lack of interest.  But he is a natural. You can just tell.  Even if he doesn't know, he has that knack.  That 'even without anything to go with, he can still run with the big dogs' ability.  Be it soccer, gymnastics, football, or even roller skating.  Yes, roller skating. 

I skate about as well as I spit, so there haven't been too many excursions to either ice or roller rinks.  A couple years ago, we took the family to the Columbus Zoo lights and holiday festivities.  One of the attractions was a little ice skating rink.  We decided to give it a try.  I promptly fell down and had my hand run over by some Dorothy Hamill want to be.  After sitting in the first aid station, I realized why this wasn't my cup of tea.  Therefore, before today, my son had never donned a pair of roller skates in his life. 

So what happens? One of his friends also had a birthday today, and threw a party at a local roller skating rink (apparently roller skating rinks outlasted the disco era despite what the choice of music would suggest). After falling down 800 hundred times, one time of which would pretty much have ended my week, he began to get alone well.  Then they had a skating limbo contest and who do you think won? 

Of the two dozen or so participants, many who were obviously regulars, he actually came out the winner.  Whether because of training in gymnastics or the flexibility that earned him the nickname 'Gumby' in football, he was able to go pretty darn low.  The brat.  Yeah, he's that good.  I can't help but admit I do envy my his and my boys' abilities sometimes.  And sometimes, that pretty nice.  In any event, that was the fun today.  I'm sure there's going to be more.  So see ya!


  1. Thank ye. It was a nice one. Great family to spend great times with.

  2. Happy birthday! Hope it was a blessed day for you and your family.


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