Wednesday, December 1, 2010

India should remind Westerners that the grass is usually never greener on the other side

One of the pet obsessions with the post-Boomer left is praising anything that isn't of Western culture.  Doesn't matter what.  Africa, Asia, pre-Colombian America.  As long as it isn't from the West, it's good.  Could there be bad?  Sure.  But it's not important, what matters is focusing on the good.  Besides, if there is bad, you would never know it since most folks never discuss it.  Part of this is the residue of multi-cultural education, which demands we never, ever condemn the practices of another culture or civilization.  What could be more ethnocentric (and, dare I say, racist) than to smack down others' practices in such a way.  Of course we are free, and encouraged, to trash the living crap out of anything from Western Civilization.  So it's almost shocking to see little stories about radical Hindus (who are typically portrayed and envisioned in our popular culture as a bunch of Gandhi wannabes), who are attacking and intimidating Christians simply because they are Christians.  It sort of reminds us that India is probably like any other culture or civilization.  Something you would never know by way of our institutions of information nowadays.

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